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همنشینی صنعت و طبیعت در پست برق مقاومت خرمشهر

مدیرامور بهره برداری ناحیه جنوب شرکت برق منطقه ای خوزستان گفت: با انجام فعالیت های خلاقانه در پست   برق33/132 کیلوولت مقاومت خرمشهر ارتباط صنعت و طبیعت به شکل زیبایی برقرارشده است.

به گزارش روابط عمومی شرکت برق منطقه ای خوزستان، رضا جعفری در گفت وگو با خبرنگار این شرکت افزود: به منظور ایجاد نشاط و روحیه با همت اپراتورها از وسایل مازاد واسقاط مانند چوب های تجهیزات منصوبه، جعبه های مربوط به نبشی ها، کنسرواتور ترانس و بوشینگ ها ،  باغچه هایی با گل  های طبیعی و مصنوعی تزئین و احداث شد .

Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the construction of two power generation plants

The CEO of Golestan Electricity Distribution Company announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding on the construction of two power plants capable of producing electricity and heat (CHP) simultaneously.

Ali Akbar Nasiri "Memorandum of Understanding on the construction of two 25 MW power plants was signed in order to produce electricity at the place of consumption, reducing the factors affecting the losses and reducing the cost of electricity production, with the ability to generate electricity and heat (CHP) simultaneously.

Development of Iran-EU cooperation in the field of new energies and energy efficiency

Alireza Daeemi, deputy minister of energy for international affairs and support for the water and energy industries, said at a joint meeting with Dominic Ristorie, the EU's Directorate-General for Energy:A meeting was held with the presence of a European delegation attended by 300 people in IRAN, which had excellent results for both sides at the beginning of this year in Iran.

He added that there is a very good co-operation between the two sides, especially in the areas of climate change and the development of new energies and increased energy efficiency.

Explaining Ardakaniyan about the actions of the Ministry of Energy in the areas of the earthquake

Minister of Energy said about the last condition of utilizing earthquake areas, as well as concerns about the arrival of cold and rain showers; there is no problem in these areas in terms of power generation and can be used to meet the electricity needs in this regard, due to the need for heating.

Distribution networks naturally have limitations and the more adjustments are made, the greater the use of electrical equipment.

Construction of transmissions of transmissions of wind power plants for the first time in the country

According to the Ministry of Energy News , Mehdi Rouhi, director of research and development at the Iran Transfoo Export Market, said on the sidelines of the 17th International Power Industry Exhibition of Iran, the company has succeeded in building two new products inside the country.

The production of zero to one hundred transformer transports of traction motors used in urban and metro trains is underway at this company for the first time in the country.

Traction transmissions provide DC power supply and static operation at voltages from 2500 to 3500 kV.

Iran to Implement Major Power Projects in Southwestern Khuzestan Province

Speaking to IRIB, the energy minister said that these projects would produce 3,600 megawatts (MW) of energy.

At present, the province enjoys over 13,200 MW installed production capacity which will be increased this year by inaugurating two 160 MW projects including Behbahan and West Karun power plants, Ardakanian added.

He said that in the next Iranian calendar year (to start on March 21, 2018), another 4,500 MW project will be launched in the region.

Iran's cooperation with 70 countries in the field of water and electricity

Engineer "Alireza Daemi" Deputy Minister of Energy in International Affairs and Support of Water and Power Industries said: We have become self-sufficient in building power plants, transformers, and substations inside the country .We are currently installing cables in the Gulf submarines and the Oman Sea to provide electricity to the kingdom of Oman.Now, we have electric connections with many countries in the region, including Iraq and Syria, there is a readiness to activate in the Lebanese power and power industry, if they want.

The thirteenth bilateral electricity contract was executed with a capacity of 15 megawatts per hour.

According to the Ministry of Energy ,the contract was concluded between Kazeroun Power Plant (Future Negar Mehr Trading Company) and Central Iranian Iron Ore Company (Choghart) in Yazd province since the beginning of November.

By concluding the agreement, the total capacity of bilateral contracts in the power industry exceeded 1043 MW per hour.

Electricity consumers subject to the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers can adjust their electricity costs by concluding bilateral contracts, or diversify their electricity suppliers.

Europeans keen on investing in Iran solar power

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a reliable trading partner for other countries, the Europeans in particular and had always tried to live up to its commitments as per its trade deals with the Europeans, even while under US-led sanctions.


Iran-Norway Energy Contract

On Oct 18, Iranian and Norwegian firms sealed a €2-billion contract to produce two gigawatts of solar energy.

13th exhibition of water and sewage water industry

Construction of Intelligent Pressure Control System and Discharge of Water Distribution Network in the country

Behnam Sahand "CEO of the  Chip Sharif Co.:The ability to manage pressure or discharge of water distribution networks, the ability to manage consumption based on upstream pressure, downstream pressure, linear discharge, critical points in the network, reservoir water storage capacity and the ability to connect to various SCADA software is part of the benefits of this product relative to Its external examples.