Water & Wastewater

Zanjan sewage project is implemented using the private sector capacity with credibility of 1100 billion rials

Water is now available to people at 40% of the cost, which has led to waste of water in the drinking and industrial sector.

Only 6% of the country's consumption is related to drinking and industry and 94% of water consumption, in the agricultural sector with the continuation of the current situation, we will face a water crisis.

Marin Tafresh Rural Water Supply Complex Opened by the President of Iran's Board of Directors

Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Company of Markazi Province:The executive operation of 31 Rural Water Supply Complex has started in the past years from the National Development Fund in Markazi Province .

The executive operation of the 16 water supply complex has been operated, including 85 villages with a population of 40,757 since 1395.

42 villages are being watered out with the opening of the national water project and the inland lines of 17 villages have been modified ,now.

6000 km of sewage network in Tehran province

Mohammad Parvaresh at the opening of the first phase of the Islamshahr wastewater treatment plant,stated:We have deployed around 10 wastewater treatment plants today.

Mamlou water treatment plant started in the last four years, it has been commissioned about 6000 km with a credit of 6000 billion Tooman.We collected sewage from Islamshahr, Vavan and surrounding towns today.

"If we can fund, we will not have a sewage problem until the end of the twelfth government in Tehran," he said.

53 compressor stations of Water and Sewage Area One in Tehran equipped with a solar panel

53 compressor stations of Water and Sewage Area One in Tehran equipped with a solar panel with power generation capability.

Head of the Department of Energy and Remote Sensing Systems of District 1,Rouhollah Khodakaram, said:The program will be implemented by installing two solar panel units capable of producing 50 to 70 watts of power for each of the  compressor stations.

He continued: 70 watt solar panels will be used for those  compressors that are located among high-rise buildings or places where sunlight is less.

Placing project on the implementation of transmission lines and distribution network of water, Construction of the site and reservoir of 500 m 3 in the water supply complex of Hanzam and Zirdan

According to the Public Relations and Public Education Department of Rural Water and Wastewater Company of the province, CEO Engineer Abdul Ahad Reiki  said: the project is included,construction of a 500-cubic meter reservoir tank and building a pumping station boat,construction of lateral buildings and wellheads,implementation of transmission lines and distribution network of 27 km long.

The credibility of this project is 35 billion and Rls.  Five villages will benefit from the health and clean drinking water with finishing this project .

Operation of the Water Transfer Project to Nadoushan, with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Power, formally

Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Company of Yazd Province said:Operation of the water pipeline to Nodoushan has been carried out at a length of 54 km and with a credit of over 150 billion rials in 5 pieces.

This transmission line is equipped with four water pumping stations,that station number one with 3 pumps and the stations numbered two, three and four each, with two pumps which in total have the ability to pour 10 liters per second of water, into their tanks above their own hands.

Global use of wastewater to irrigate agriculture at least 50 percent greater than thought

The use of untreated wastewater from cities to irrigate crops downstream is 50 percent more widespread than previously thought, according to a new study published this week in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

The study relies on advanced modeling methods to provide the first truly comprehensive estimate of the global extent to which farmers use urban wastewater on irrigated cropland. Researchers analyzed data with geographic information systems (GIS) rather than depending on case study results, as in previous studies.

Exciting new material uses solar energy to remove human-made dye pollutants from water

This novel, non-hazardous photocatalytic material effectively removes dye pollutants from water, adsorbing more than 90 % of the dye and enhancing the rate of dye breakdown by almost ten times using visible light.

The researchers, led by Dr. Charles W. Dunnill and Dr. Daniel Jones at the Energy Safety Research Institute in Swansea University, reported their discovery in the Nature open access journal Scientific Reports.

Earning the silver and gold medal from Indonesia by the inventor lady of Zanjan province Water and Wastewater Company at South Korea's World Inventions and Innovations Festival

According to the Public Relations Department of Rural Water and Wastewater Company of Zanjan Province:In the course of the festival, held from June 18th this year for 4 days at the International Exhibition Center of Seoul; Expert of the Office of Investigation of the Company,Mahboube Sarabi won the silver and gold medal from Indonesia with the invention " water recycling system,  reuse from integrated Aquaculture Plant,cultivation of greenhouse products and poultry farming ".

Humayun village water supply operation in Zanjan

The presence of  the governor of Zanjan city,Rasoul Bayat and  the Director of Zanjan Province Rural Water and Wastewater Company,Masoud Bagheri and provincial and district authorities.

Director of Zanjan Province Rural Water and Wastewater Company said:900 people enjoyed the luxury of safe drinking water with the implementation of Humayun village water supply project.

Masoud Bagheri added:Cost of credit for water projects in the Humayun village is totaled 626 million Toumans.