Water volume of tripartite dam is more than 255 million cubic meter.

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شنبه, آذر 20, 1395
Exploitation and Conservation Deputy of Regional Water Company of Ilam said:

  The available water volume in tripartite dam reservoirs is over 255 million cubic meter . Sajjad  Rostami said: rainfall stocks was affirmative on water supply increasing  last year. Twofold developments of raining in last year and dam water overflowing   indicate desirable situation of shallow water supply in province. He added: this year and in this water sequence, rainfall stocks was affirmative in southern area, but it’s inappropriate and insufficient in northern area, in proportion to last year.

Exploitation and Conservation Deputy of Regional Water Company of Ilam said : the amount of actual  water volume  in Ilam’s Cham Gordelan dam is 54 million cubic meter, Daviranj 190 and Kangir11million cubic meter.

He reminded:255 million cubic meter water exist in the lake in the back side of tripartite dams, now. Rostami said about the position of Samir dam that is used to product power and he also said: on the whole, about 2 billion cubic meter water entered to this dam, in last year. He added: considering that suitable rainfall in southern area in last week and 15 million cubic meter of  water increasing, actual water volume is 1 billion  and 573 million cubic meter.

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