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Dam's Clinic

Executive  and vice of the operation of Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company,Hassan Etaati said:distribution of rainfall is uneven  and limited in Iranand limited in Iran and average annual precipitation in Iran is 250Mylymtr and that means one-third of the global average;So one of the ways out of this crisis, hydraulic approach dams and water transfer.The two major human needs are water and energy supply Hydroelectric power plants;With the construction of the dam is to manage these two categories.With the construction of the dam, there is no other trace of Khuzestan floods be

Zarch Book was chosen in the eighth Farabi International Award.

In the eighth Farabi International Award  were appreciated of  winners of course;with the presence of President,Science and Technology Vice President, Minister of Science, President's clerk and Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Research.

17opus was judged and evaluated in 5 steps,of the 4100 work that was sent to Farabi International Award;Zarch book was selected  as a  favorite  works of the festival .

Opening of water and wastewater monitoring and steering plants center of Zanjan- East ,and water supply telemetry systems and telemetry monitoring Abhar city

Alireza  joze Qasemi as CEO of Zanjan Province Water and Wastewater said:Monitoring and operation of water and sewage plants center of district was put into operation with the aim of creating a remote control system of water channels and increase customer satisfaction by spending 7,500 million rials.He said : the first phase of the city water plant telemetry was inaugurated with the opening of this center,includes 18 wells and 2 of the tank as well as monitoring production and storage resources in Abhar.

بهره‌برداری بیش از 5 هزار و 314 طرح آب و برق

حمید چیت‌چیان در نشست خبری امروز در ساختمان ستادی وزارت نیرو با گرامیداشت ایام دهه مبارک فجر و یاد شهدای فجر آفرین و شهدای آتش نشان، با اشاره به طرح ‌های صنعت آب و برق که در این ایام به بهره‌برداری رسیده یا

Wastewater Treatment Foundation of Sanandaj was selected as the top global energy projects and Green Management Forum of Europe

Eleventh Green Management International Conference on Management held in Tehran Olympic Hotel. Sanandaj Wastewater treatment project was selected as superior projects this forum and able to allocate statues of the conference in competition with other evaluated projects.Kurdistan Water and Sewage Company has achieved to benefits in line with the interests of stakeholders by wastewater treatment projects in Sanandaj,via creating an integrated approach between social and environmental responsibility with economic benefits.

Mashkid-e Olia Dam

 Mashkid-e Olia Dam, with a capacity of 67 million cubic meters, is built on Mashkid Saravan River in Sistan and Baluchestan province aiming to prevent devastating floods and to supply 4 million cubic meters of drinking and agriculture water.

Hamedan wastewater treatment plant project won the World's trophy

The International Energy Foundation and Management Green Society of Europe was awarded The Green project certified to the Water and Sewage Company of Hamedan Province in the eleventh Conference of green management and the tenth Conference of empowerment.

400 million rials saving on launching the soft starter in Water and Wastewater Co. of Anzali

Director of  Water and Wastewater of Anzali,Mahmoud Amiri:Two 20KV substation soft starter has been shut down due to power fluctuations and environmental factors with a technical fault.The estimated purchase price of two soft starter was 600 million rials,that via expertise of senior colleagues £ 400 million was saving in costs the company .