Water & Wastewater

Cancellation of water project

It also indicated that the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development (Rural Water Supply) departments shall work out a robust and more dependable drinking water supply plan to the district. Reacting sharply, Rayalaseema Porata Samithi activists burnt copies of the government order at MCT Circle on Sunday.

Convener P. Naveen Kumar Reddy, a staunch Kiran follower, questioned the State government’s wisdom in cancelling a project that had secured the administrative approval.

He accused Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of being vindictive on Chittoor district.

Montreal charges cheapest fees to use and dump fresh water

Companies in Montreal’s industrial sector pay just a fraction of what it costs in Toronto and other major North American cities to use and dump potable water into the sewage system, a new study found.

Large manufacturers in the Anjou borough, for instance, pay 23 times less to use and dump fresh water than what it would cost in Atlanta and five times less than the same expense in Toronto. Critics of the city’s low user fees say it encourages pollution.

Iran calls off Pakistan’s cash fine over pipeline construction delay

On the possibility of fining Pakistan due to a nearly one-year delay in importing gas from Iran, Alireza Kameli said, “currently, Iran has no plans to demand compensation under the terms of the contract.”

Stressing that Iran has never intended to fine Pakistan for failing to take Iranian gas, Kameli asserted “we expect Pakistan to begin construction of gas pipelines on its territory.”

Stop road- and water-project earmarks, experts say

Highway and water projects in Utah soon may face much tougher fights for state funding, while social services and other programs may find more money headed their way.

After a year of study, an advisory group of tax experts is recommending the Legislature eliminate a series of earmarks on sales-tax revenues that have automatically set aside huge pots of money for road and water projects.

"So they would have to compete with other programs for their funding" if legislators approve that recommendation, said Curtis Trader, chairman of the Utah Tax Review Commission.

Hurt by cheap oil, Saudi government will make water more expensive

The rate for industrial, government or large corporate users will rise to 9 riyals ($2.40) per cubic meter from 4 riyals now, starting on December 16, the local newspaper al-Watan reported in an article posted on the website of the Ministry of Water and Electricity.

A ministry spokesman could not be contacted to comment on Monday. Some other Saudi newspapers carried similar reports, quoting unnamed sources in the ministry as saying the government aimed to reduce the growth of water consumption and discourage waste.

Brazil, land of water, goes thirsty

Instead, the Saracuruna reservoir near Duque de Caxias, outside Rio, is an expanse of sand, mud and vegetation. Four stray dogs scamper and cattle come to drink from a stream still running through the middle.

"It's been a long time since there was any water here," said a security guard walking up the dry bed to order AFP journalists away on Friday.

The scene at Saracuruna is repeated across much of eastern Brazil between Rio and the megacity of Sao Paulo, with reservoirs and rivers running dry and authorities scrambling to avoid having to impose rationing.

Iran-Afghanistan talks focused on Helmand water right

Speaking during an open session in the Parliament on Monday, Dr. Zarif said Iranian Foreign Ministry urges efforts to take into consideration Iran-Afghanistan water disputes over Helmand River, a main issue of contention between the two countries, especially in recent decades.

“The issue has been frequently raised during multiple meetings with Afghanistan’s former and current presidents, Afghan National Security Council Secretary-General and Minister of Foreign Affairs,” Zarif underlined.

Ice Water’ in Intl. Izmir Short Film Fest.

The film is about an old man who perhaps knows better than anyone else how to save water with droplets melting from ice. He reproduces the water from ice and ice from water in a form of cycle which becomes a part of his life.

Outstanding shorts from all genres including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental films compete in the festival’s National and International Competition categories for the Golden Cat awards.

Egypt has developed a game-changing low-power water desalination technique

 Current desalination technology requires a high amount of energy, making it prohibitively expensive — especially in developing nations.

Californians on Insane Water Policy: ‘Whatever’

California residents have reacted to the state’s increasingly draconian water cutbacks with the well-known “whatever” spirit. They’ve significantly exceeded Gov. Jerry Brown’s water-conservation goals and tolerated rising water prices without taking to the streets in protest.