Water & Wastewater

Earning the silver and gold medal from Indonesia by the inventor lady of Zanjan province Water and Wastewater Company at South Korea's World Inventions and Innovations Festival

According to the Public Relations Department of Rural Water and Wastewater Company of Zanjan Province:In the course of the festival, held from June 18th this year for 4 days at the International Exhibition Center of Seoul; Expert of the Office of Investigation of the Company,Mahboube Sarabi won the silver and gold medal from Indonesia with the invention " water recycling system,  reuse from integrated Aquaculture Plant,cultivation of greenhouse products and poultry farming ".

Humayun village water supply operation in Zanjan

The presence of  the governor of Zanjan city,Rasoul Bayat and  the Director of Zanjan Province Rural Water and Wastewater Company,Masoud Bagheri and provincial and district authorities.

Director of Zanjan Province Rural Water and Wastewater Company said:900 people enjoyed the luxury of safe drinking water with the implementation of Humayun village water supply project.

Masoud Bagheri added:Cost of credit for water projects in the Humayun village is totaled 626 million Toumans.

Pickaxe of Site and reservoir 1,000 cubic meters construction project of Souran plain water complex

The project is included ,construction of a water storage tank with the capacity of 1,000 cubic meters and the construction of a pumping station with a capacity of 138 liters per second,"Engineer Abdul Ahad Riki,CEO of Sistan and Baluchestan Water and Sewage Company".

He said the credibility of the project is 22 billion riyals and with the completion of this project ,100 villages in the coming years and 6 villages in the near future will benefit from the blessing of safe drinking water and sanitation.


Construction of 25 MW desalination unit in Golestan

The meeting was attended leaders and representatives of the Management and Planning Organization,  Agriculture Organization,  Department of Environment,  Office of Natural Resources and Watershed,Regional Water Company, water and sewer Company, gas companies, power companies Regional Industrial Estates, Land Affairs and Fisheries of Province.

Operation of 10 thousand hectares of irrigation and drainage network in Ardabil

Asghar Soleymanzade stated:Currently, 10 thousand and 688 hectares under irrigation and drainage network in Ardebil.The implementation of this project was going well with the needed financing , now.

Ardebil Regional Water Director said:Dewatering two new dams "Ahmadbiglou and Tazekand" is expected to end by the end of this year and certainly it will be very successful in relation to avoid waste and save water resources.

Implementation of 246 water supply projects in villages in Markazi province in year 95

The project was implemented at a cost of over  288 767 million Rials over the past year.Vice President of Engineering and Development Company  continued:Implementation of 121 km of transmission lines,implementation of 314 km of water distribution network, conducting of 33 counts of water supply ,construction of 19 water storage tank and 10706 new branch is  among the measures that have been taken in these projects.

Government investment in the environmental sector with Asia development of infrastructure facilities investment bank

Seyed Mohsen Hosseini, chairman and CEO of WWC said:The first facility was a request for sewage projects,given the importance of environmental issues and Islamic Republic of Iran's investments in Asian infrastructure investment bank after Brjam.

The Bank's program is Infrastructure development for Asian countries and the loan is subject to present evidence and documents, including the conclusion of a memorandum of cooperation between  heads of project's location of the city departments ,as well as readiness and  citizenry's applying for projects .

UAE to tow icebergs from Antarctica for drinking water

The United Arab Emirates is planning to tow icebergs from Antarctica to its coast to solve its issues with drinking water.

The National Advisor Bureau Limited company plans to provide a new source of freshwater for the region by towing the iceberg from Antarctica to the coast of the eastern emirate of Fujairah.

The Masdar city-based company then plans to mine the iceberg for drinking water.

The opening of drinking water in the village of Galle city Varzeghan

Gal village drinking water Varzeghan city was inaugurated and put into operation in Azerbaijan with the presence the Governor, represent the people in Parliament Varzeghan,CEO of the Rural Water and Wastewater Company , Mayor, council and village administrations, provincial and district authorities and a group of locals.

Water Supply Project to be implemented in Zanjan With credit 223 billion and 359 million riyals during the Eleventh Government

CEO of Zanjan Water and Wastewater Company said:Water Supply Project to Zanjan has been implemented Includes the construction of the central laboratory,Construction of 30 thousand cubic meters of drinking water storage tank,Improvement and development of distribution network 98 km,Equip and start working central monitoring and operation of water and wastewater facilities and drilling and equipment of 7 wells with credit amounting to 223 billion and 359 million riyals during the eleventh government.