Water & Wastewater

Exploiting other abstract projects during the Fajr decade

Four large water supply projects opened in Kerman province As the President's visit to Kerman province in the presence of the Minister of Power.

Managing director of Kerman Province Water and Wastewater Company: The water supply project to Roodbar has been opened, with a credit worth 130 billion rials.

The water supply project to the Azadegan town of Kahnouj was opened with a credit of over 55 billion rials.

The water supply project was launched by the Minister of Energy with a repayment of over 60 billion riyals.

"17th Iranian National Hydraulic Conference

The Iranian Hydraulic Association intends to hold the 17th Iranian Hydraulic Conference in cooperation with the Civil Engineering and Water Engineering Departments of Shahrekord University in pursuit of the successful holding of sixteen national conferences, now.

The first priority of the 17th Hydraulic Conference of Iran is an attempt to update the conference axes. In this regard, the main objective is to improve the quality and application of research and its results.

The origin of water's unusual properties found

Using x-ray lasers, researchers at Stockholm University have been able to map out how water fluctuates between two different states when it is cooled. At -44°C these fluctuations reach a maximum pointing to the fact that water can exist as two different distinct liquids. The findings will be published in the journal Science.

Exploitation of Bandar Lengeh Water Supply Project by the end of this year

Director of Water and Wastewater of Bandar Lenge announced of the utilization of 4 water supply projects of this city with the credit of 44 billion and 700 million rials by the end of this year.

Farid Motamedi said: Reroute Network Modification Project of cities in Bandarleng and Kong is 12 kilometers long with a credit of 860 billion Rials, currently operating at least 2 kilometers.

The refinery of Abhar township and Khoramdarah will be utilized if this year's financing

The contract for the completion of the sewage project in Abhar will be executed with the participation of the private sector and with a credit of over 400 billion rials.

Khoramdarah sewage project is also located in the form of a package with the cities of Haidj and Saeen Qaleh and will be entrusted to the private sector for execution and completion if there is an investor in the region,"Ali Reza Joz Qasemi".

Construction of 4 drinking water stations in Meybod

The director of water and wastewater affairs, Maybod, announced the sale and installation of one thousand and 115 water split plots, removing 1,154 items of major network events, substituting and splitting, replacing 236 meters in Maybod, and 39 items in Nodshan and building 20 pillars Water supply in the first six months of this year.

Holding the 13th International Water Industry Exhibition with the presence of 363 domestic and foreign companies

The 13th Water and Wastewater Exhibition will be held from 24th to 27th of October this year,the 9 exhibition halls in an area of over 30,000 square meters with 12,000 square meters of indoor indoor and 1740 square meters of indoor and outdoor indoor and outdoor space at the international exhibition venues of Tehran, with 258 domestic companies and 105 foreign companies.

Achievement of the top rank of The River Engineering and Beach Coordination Center of Isfahan Regional Water Authority

The Rivers and Beaches Engineering Bureau of Isfahan Regional Water Company succeeded to earn a high rank from Iran Resources Management Company.

According to the Public Relations Department of Isfahan Regional Water Company, the Rivers and Beaches Engineering Bureau of Isfahan Regional Water Company succeeded to win the top rank in the process of evaluating the performance of the river and coastal engineering offices of subsidiary companies in 1395.

Congratulations to the Director of Iran's Water Resources Management Company on the occasion of the selection of the National Irrigation Committee of Iran as "Best National Committee

Engineer Mohammad Haj Rasooliha, director of the Iranian Water Resources Management Company, congratulated all the experts in the water sector on the success of the Iranian National Irrigation and Drainage Committee (ICID).

Part of the greetings message :

All affairs, financial and administrative affairs of Iran National Irrigation and Drainage Commission have been granted to Iran Power Resources Management Company during the announcement, Minister of Energy of Iran ,since 1394.

The implementation of the largest clean development mechanism project in the urban sewage sector by Tehran sewage company is a good model for industry.

Hossein Akbariyan expressed the indices of the low-carbon water and wastewater industry and the potential of the industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after explaining the position of the low-carbon industry in the country's major laws and policies .