Water & Wastewater

Holding the 13th International Water Industry Exhibition with the presence of 363 domestic and foreign companies

The 13th Water and Wastewater Exhibition will be held from 24th to 27th of October this year,the 9 exhibition halls in an area of over 30,000 square meters with 12,000 square meters of indoor indoor and 1740 square meters of indoor and outdoor indoor and outdoor space at the international exhibition venues of Tehran, with 258 domestic companies and 105 foreign companies.

Achievement of the top rank of The River Engineering and Beach Coordination Center of Isfahan Regional Water Authority

The Rivers and Beaches Engineering Bureau of Isfahan Regional Water Company succeeded to earn a high rank from Iran Resources Management Company.

According to the Public Relations Department of Isfahan Regional Water Company, the Rivers and Beaches Engineering Bureau of Isfahan Regional Water Company succeeded to win the top rank in the process of evaluating the performance of the river and coastal engineering offices of subsidiary companies in 1395.

Congratulations to the Director of Iran's Water Resources Management Company on the occasion of the selection of the National Irrigation Committee of Iran as "Best National Committee

Engineer Mohammad Haj Rasooliha, director of the Iranian Water Resources Management Company, congratulated all the experts in the water sector on the success of the Iranian National Irrigation and Drainage Committee (ICID).

Part of the greetings message :

All affairs, financial and administrative affairs of Iran National Irrigation and Drainage Commission have been granted to Iran Power Resources Management Company during the announcement, Minister of Energy of Iran ,since 1394.

The implementation of the largest clean development mechanism project in the urban sewage sector by Tehran sewage company is a good model for industry.

Hossein Akbariyan expressed the indices of the low-carbon water and wastewater industry and the potential of the industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after explaining the position of the low-carbon industry in the country's major laws and policies .

Investing more than 7,832 billion riyals of private sector and public participation in implementation of the Water and Wastewater projects

Managing director of Water and Wastewater Company of Isfahan province stated that we have tried to actualize the potential of the private sector in implementing water and wastewater projects in recent years.As long as we use private sector capability, we can expand our services and improve our quality and quality accordingly.

Isfahan province water and sewage company has done during the years 95-92 :

Completion and implementation of sewage facilities in Mobarakeh and Lenjan cities in the form of a mutual investment investment of 1215 billion Rials,

Exploiting dozens of water projects in the country's regional water companies

Block reservoir dams in Zanjan, Gorganroud rubber dam in Guilan province, Temple No. 2 Tilot Refinery, Diversion dam of Mesadakani-Madanak and Ahangar Kola in Mazandaran province, and two brothers water reservoirs and Yazdan Qom are among these plans.

Also, the network of Avonliq Mianeh dam, Khoramdrg Charoyman, Aqbolagh Dam and Rosighan dam and the Babayan Dam Network are ready to open in eastern Azerbaijan province during the government week.

Zanjan sewage project is implemented using the private sector capacity with credibility of 1100 billion rials

Water is now available to people at 40% of the cost, which has led to waste of water in the drinking and industrial sector.

Only 6% of the country's consumption is related to drinking and industry and 94% of water consumption, in the agricultural sector with the continuation of the current situation, we will face a water crisis.

Marin Tafresh Rural Water Supply Complex Opened by the President of Iran's Board of Directors

Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Company of Markazi Province:The executive operation of 31 Rural Water Supply Complex has started in the past years from the National Development Fund in Markazi Province .

The executive operation of the 16 water supply complex has been operated, including 85 villages with a population of 40,757 since 1395.

42 villages are being watered out with the opening of the national water project and the inland lines of 17 villages have been modified ,now.

6000 km of sewage network in Tehran province

Mohammad Parvaresh at the opening of the first phase of the Islamshahr wastewater treatment plant,stated:We have deployed around 10 wastewater treatment plants today.

Mamlou water treatment plant started in the last four years, it has been commissioned about 6000 km with a credit of 6000 billion Tooman.We collected sewage from Islamshahr, Vavan and surrounding towns today.

"If we can fund, we will not have a sewage problem until the end of the twelfth government in Tehran," he said.

53 compressor stations of Water and Sewage Area One in Tehran equipped with a solar panel

53 compressor stations of Water and Sewage Area One in Tehran equipped with a solar panel with power generation capability.

Head of the Department of Energy and Remote Sensing Systems of District 1,Rouhollah Khodakaram, said:The program will be implemented by installing two solar panel units capable of producing 50 to 70 watts of power for each of the  compressor stations.

He continued: 70 watt solar panels will be used for those  compressors that are located among high-rise buildings or places where sunlight is less.