Water & Wastewater

The new Gulbahar sewage treatment plant was listed in the list of 40 major projects of the Ministry of Energy

The construction of the new Gulfahar refinery as one of the 40 major projects of the Ministry of Energy coincides with the 40th anniversary of the revolution's victory.

The refinery has been constructed with private sector investment in the BOT (wastewater supply) market over two years and is now undergoing pilot testing.

20 trillion billion investment in the water and sewage industry

The director of the country's water and sewage engineering company said at the first specialized meeting of the managers of the Finance and Development Co-ordination Department that about $ 20,000 billion of new investments in the water and wastewater industry are being prepared by the private sector, this could be It has brought many good gains, although this figure is more than 600 trillion rials of ready-to-run and investment financing in the country's water and wastewater industry (which was announced last October by the former Minister of Energy's former engineer Sattar Mahmoudi) It is

The launch of the National Hydraulic Conference of Iran

Secretary of the National Hydraulic Conference of Iran said: Approximately 346 articles were submitted to the secretariat of the conference in the form of 10 specialized sections, of which 249 were accepted. During the two days, 100 articles were presented verbally and the rest were presented as a poster.

Two specialist workshops will be held on the sidelines of the conference on the performance of structures and assessment of water supply plans from the environmental point of view.

Opening and exploitation of some water supply projects in Iran

 The Opening of the first phase of the water supply project in Kohdasht city of Lorestan according to Lorestan water and wastewater company.

The project is essentially defined in three phases, which will finally be watered out to 12 villages at the end of the project.

The International Journal of Irrigation and Drainage was awarded to Iranian professors

The editorial board of the International Journal of Irrigation and Drainage, among the articles in this magazine, selects the best article every year and examines the authors of the articles selected at the official ceremony with the presence of the chairman of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage and representatives of the member countries.

Beginning of Operation Desalination of 35,000 m3 in Bushehr during the Government Week

 the operation of desalination plant of 35000 cubic meters Bushehr begins with the participation of private sector and investment of 150 billion.

Iran’s Mega Water Project to Come on Stream by Year-End: IRGC Construction Base

“The country’s biggest water project named ‘Runoff Waters of the West’ will come on stream by the year-end,” General Ebadollah Abdollahi told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting on “Resistance Economy”.

The project has been conducted in an area with a length of 1460 kilometers, covering 17 dams, 150 km of tunnels and 700 km of transmission lines, he stated.

Construction of three wastewater treatment plants in Hormozgan province and management of pressure in Bandar Abbas water distribution network

Deputy Director of Hormozgan Abacavir Engineering and Development Center announced the construction of three wastewater treatment plants in Minab, Jask and Bandar Abbas towns (Prophet of Azam).

Improvement and development of 158.3 km of the water distribution network of the provincial cities in the past year and this year, we will carry out a 110-kilometer development and reconstruction project with the republic's 177 billion rials.

Iran, Germany poised for multilateral coop. with regional countries

Deputy Minister of Energy for International Affairs Farhad Yazdandoust pointed to the long history of cooperation between Iranian Ministry of Energy and Germany’s energy companies and said, “multilateral cooperation can be established with regional and neighboring countries using high potential and capability of German companies in this regard.”

Tehran's second emergency storage and distribution system was opened

The system, located in the Park-e-Shar, with a capacity of 100,000 liters, can provide 10,000 water for three days in critical and emergency conditions such as earthquakes that the urban water distribution network is having difficulty.

Getting the license to build the system took three years.Considering that 116 concrete water reservoirs in Tehran are located above the Enqelab street axis due to geographical conditions
  We need to create 374 emergency water supply systems in Tehran in order to prevent people from accessing water in earthquake conditions.