Water talks between Iran and Afghanistan began in Tehran

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Monday, January 7, 2019
The 19th Joint Committee of Hearmand Water Companies began work.

The 19th Joint Committee of the Hirmand Water Commissioners was headed by Abbas Soroush, deputy director for water and water supply of the Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Khan Mohammad Takel, Deputy Minister of Water and Energy of Afghanistan, attended by representatives of the Foreign Ministry of the two countries in Tehran.

The summit was launched on Saturday morning by the Ministry of Energy with a focus on addressing the issues of the Hirmand Frontier River within the framework of the 1351 treaty, and negotiations are currently underway to better implement the treaty.

The negotiators of the committee have been promoted through diplomatic coordination between the two countries, and the two sides have been present at the summit for the first time at the level of "Undersecretary of State".
The Joint Committee of the Hirmand Water Commissioners has been operating under the 1351 treaty since 2004, and so far, 18 meetings have been held in Iran and Afghanistan periodically.

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