Text of the attachment to the Chairman of the Special Committee on the National Report on Floods

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
The president announced:

The president mandated Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi to nominate this event in a 6-month "national report" with the membership of independent and expert scholars in related specialties.

The president mandated Mahmoud Neli Ahmad Abadi, head of the University of Tehran, to chair the Special Report of the National Report on Floods, with the membership of independent scientific experts in related fields, and in the six months of the National Report, present this event. Slowly

During his sentence, Rouhani communicated the priorities and requirements in 13 areas and a working group.

The text of the annex to Rouhani's sentence is as follows:
Attached to the presidential decree of the Special Committee on National Floods

Meteorological and climatic arena

What has been the current climate of recent atmospheric pollution in Iran compared with the past?

2. How have meteorological variables and other data systems functioning before and during recent floods?

3. What were the predictions and warnings of the country's meteorological organization during the Blue Year of 1983 and before the flood?

4. How capable are the monitoring and forecasting systems of the country meteorology to the extent required by the operating system?

5. What has the quality of the reports of the meteorological organization, including the accuracy of prediction and warning, the timing of notification, and the content and language of information, have had an effect on the performance of the devices in the country in the flood?

6. To what extent is the funding for flood management in Iran suitable for funding flood forecasting and warning in Iran? 6. Financial resources, know-how and hardware and software capabilities of the Meteorological Organization?

7. What is the cause of severe and severe precipitation in the Blue Year 1398- 1397? How Climate Change Affects Iran's Rainfall and the Future? Does the amount of precipitation in this year make it necessary to change the water resources management system of the country?

8. What is a flood training course for the country's meteorological organization?

9. What modifications are needed in the Meteorological Organization and its interaction with other devices to improve its performance?

The field of hydrology, water structures and water resources management

1. What are the differences and similarities of recent floods with past floods in Iran? And what impact does it have on the entire flood event and its management?

2. How has the hydrological variables and other data systems been measured before and during the flood?

3. How was the information about the flood and its structure in the Ministry of Energy and how it was converted into managerial actions?

4. What is the performance of the responsible organizations in the management of water resources and water structures (such as dams, floodgates, etc.) in the fall and winter of 1397 and then to flood management?

5. QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF RESPONSE What are the organizations responsible for managing water resources and water resources for flood warnings and warnings of the Meteorological Organization?

6. What role do dams and other water related structures have in flood relief or management?

How much rainfall was, and how much water structures (dams and reservoirs, etc.) could have played a role in flood relief and how much flood was inevitable?

8. How do the Sahih River engineering operations (dredging, preservation of crime, wall-coverings, etc.) have been affected? How has the flood affected?

9. What are the legal and structural problems in river bed management (prevention of confinement, privacy, sand and gravel dumping, debris dumping, etc.)?

10. What is the impact of the flood event and its damages on the country's river-power engineering project compared to non-ruminal projects in the country?

11. Institutional / Organizational Conflicts in Rivers Management (Municipalities, Agricultural Sector, Environmental Organization, Ministry of Roads, Urban Mining Industry, Private Sector ...) How has flood and its damages been affected?

12. On what scale and on what rivers the rivers and rivers have been invaded and how it affected the flood and its damages?

13. How and to what extent the watershed has been affected by the flood and its damages?

14. The quantity and quality of use or non-use of Non-Organic Water Resources Management Operations influenced the flood and its damages?

15. How do large and long-term approaches and prioritization of policies, plans and actions in the country's water resources management system affect the flood events and damages?

16. Interactions between levels (national and local level) and various organizations involved in managing water resources and water resources (Ministry of Energy and subsidiaries, Ministry of Agriculture, Governorates, etc.) How has flood management affected?

17. What impact does the flood have on Iran's water resources?

18. What is the Flood Lessons for Managing Water Resources and Water Resources in Iran?

19. What improvements are needed to improve the level of water resources management and water resources in the country to increase resilience to flood?

The crisis management field

1. Structure, procedures, human resources budget, powers and responsibilities of the country's crisis management team How has the organization affected the organization's quality and quantity in flood management?

2. How does quantity, quality, coordination, timing, standardization and compliance with crisis management protocols affect the performance of all organizations involved in flood management, how did it affect the damage?

3. What is the status of the country in terms of organizational readiness, equipment, hardware, communication system, financial resources, command quality and manpower capabilities to deal with flood?

4. What are the processes that have taken wrong decisions in managing flood crisis in different provinces?

5. What is the status of procedures, standards and guidelines for flood management in the country? What is the degree to which these standards, procedures and procedures apply to these standards?


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