Sustainable power generation plays a vital role in the regular business of the domestic industry

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Thursday, April 12, 2018
Minister of Energy in operation of Khorasan Electrical Projects:

Reza Ardakaniyan said: "In the year when water resources are limited, the capacity of the country's hydroelectric power stations will be reduced, so we need to work with the leaders of the water and energy industry to spend this summer with the least tension in power generation."

In the field of consumption and demand management, we are still in the best position. At the moment, we are faced with a five to seven percent increase in peak traffic, which is unacceptable.
In the meantime, effective steps can be taken to reduce the use of energy by promoting the use of young forces and university specialists in the field of social sciences and consumer affairs.

Ardakani said the use of new and renewable energies is one of the priorities of the ministry and said: "By planning on electricity exports, we can, in addition to connecting with neighboring countries, seek to exchange electricity with more countries."

The minister of finance said the problem facing the ministry is financial resources. This problem should be solved by the coordination of the executive and the assembly; Fortunately, the legislature has allocated significant amounts to the electricity industry in the budget law of this year, which I hope will be able to work better with the manufacturers and contractors of this industry in the year 97.

10 Power Industry Project in Khorasan Razavi with the presence of the Minister of Energy in the provincial power company.

The projects were implemented at a cost of 1 570 billion rials in Mashhad, Gonabad, Sarakhs, Torbat Jam, Dargaz, and Sabzevar.

Development of 400 kV Torbat Jam Cup,
Run 400 kV Torbat Jam - Shadmehr line,
Increasing 132kV post capacity of Gonabad, Dragas, and Sarakhs
And the construction of Mashhad's backup dispatcher and RDC in Sabzevar
are the among these schemes.

The purpose of these projects is to supply electricity to the industrial, agricultural and rural sectors of the province,
  The possibility of increasing exports to Afghanistan,
  Network Voltage Correction
Reduce network losses,
  Enhance network reliability,
Enhanced network stability and easy monitoring and control of overhead power distribution.

Managing director of Khorasan Regional Electric Company continued: With the implementation of these plans, we see an increase of 385 megawatts of the ampere in the high power transmission and distribution of the regional power company, as well as the construction of 242 km of transmission and over-transmission lines in Khorasan Razavi province.


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