On the sidelines of the thirty-third international electricity conference

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
The construction of a field test of photovoltaic systems, Establishing the acceptance table of knowledge-based companies and Construction of small storage pumping plants in the urban water network.

The construction of a field test of photovoltaic systems at the Power Research Center

Saeed Mohaghegh, a senior designer at the field of photovoltaic field testing, said that the laboratory is tasked with testing a complete solar system under real and environmental conditions in which a solar micro-solar plant consists of a solar panel, Cables, inverters, and all related accessories installed and tested for their performance in environmental conditions.

There is rarely a laboratory in the world that performs this test under environmental conditions.

This lab is equipped according to the International Standard IEC61724. There are also very precise measuring equipment for monitoring the performance of photovoltaic systems in that lab.

It is possible to install multiple photovoltaic systems simultaneously. It is possible to compare the performance of these micro-power plants to their customers in this laboratory.

 "The assessment of a photovoltaic sample system, including test documents, will be essential for the suppliers of these products in the future," he added.

Evaluation of the functional status of photovoltaic systems in accordance with IEC61724, the ability to assess the efficiency of various parts of photovoltaic systems including photovoltaic panels, 500W to 18 kW, and communication cables, graphing of analytical curves, key parameters of solar systems and monitoring of environmental parameters including The amount of received radiation, wind speed, panel temperature is one of the services offered by this laboratory.

Establishing the acceptance table of knowledge-based companies by the Innovation and Prosperity Fund

This table has been organized on an ad hoc basis in order to simplify and accelerate the advisory and setting up of knowledge-based companies.

The Innovation Fund has started its activity since 1992, based on the law passed by the Parliament solely for the purpose of supporting its economy and knowledge-based companies.

The knowledge-based working group is based in the Presidential Science and Technology Department.

In this workgroup, evaluating the applicant companies for the foundation of knowledge, the results of this assessment are divided into four categories, knowledge-based startups (one and two), and productive (one and two).

Typical Knowledge Foundations are subject to tax and customs exemptions, but knowledge-based Knowledge-Based Firms are deprived of these exemptions but can benefit from fund facilities that are subject to all the foundation's knowledge.

At the meeting table, we will get acquainted with the executive capacity, records, final product of the company, etc., for one hour, and the services will be defined for the applicant company of knowledge based on the type of project, out of the 22 services provided by the fund.

Loan facilities to sample the knowledge-based knowledge and patent, obtaining international certificates (ce), etc., including fund services to the foundation's knowledge.

Circulating capital facilities to produce and reproduce the knowledge of the foundation and fixed capital facilities for the construction of production lines, equipping the workshop and supplying machinery, issuing banking guarantees, including participation in bidding or prepayment, good work and ... It is also needed from other facilities provided by the Innovation and Prosperity Fund to the knowledge of the foundations.

If there are 10 applicant companies in each province, the fund may purchase and distribute a building in the same province.

So far, 5 buildings in Tabriz have been purchased and are available to companies, and in the same direction, Kerman and Khorasan Razavi have also been identified and purchased.
If a knowledge-based company has a substantiated scheme with significant economic indicators and is not obliged to provide guarantees and is not willing to receive facilities, the Fund proposes to participate and invest in a maximum of 40% of the shares of New Delhi, with the payment of the necessary facilities. The implementation of the plan is available.

Construction of small storage pumping plants in the urban water network

The meeting was held in the margins of the thirty-third International Conference on Electricity entitled "Investigating the possibility of developing energy and water infrastructure (water batteries)"

Managing director of Tehran's Water and Wastewater Company's Clean Energy Projects, said that the water and wastewater industry is currently one of the major consumers of electricity in the country, said the industry, given the infrastructure and facilities available, It can create a large and clear window towards improving energy efficiency through smart management in the country.

Supporting and implementing water-borne water projects with the aim of strengthening interactions and operating unknown and related capacities in the field of water and electricity will increase the efficiency of the power grid.

This project has been implemented with the scientific and practical implementation of the slogan of Resistance Economics, the development and strengthening of the use of small hydroelectric turbines in urban waterways in two sections of distribution and transmission lines with the aim of achieving energy recovery goals, reducing peak consumption time (peak Sai) and pressure management

Among the advantages of using this system, we can mention such things as generating a significant amount of clean energy, reducing the electricity generation load by thermal power plants, especially in high consumption hours, reducing losses and liberating the capacity of energy transmission lines, preventing water and energy losses, and Increasing production returns, an opportunity to pay off the debt of the water sector to the electricity industry.

Another advantage of the system of pressure regulation and generation of power in urban waterways is the establishment of the independence of the national electricity grid for key installations, increasing the resilience and stability, and the possibility of optimizing the facilities and the management of pressure and flow in the water network.

This system, by generating and consuming energy in low-hour hours, reduces the costs of operation and production of energy in barracks at peak times, by pumping water and storing it in the reservoirs upstream and then flowing the gravity water in the grid, It saves energy stored through turbines at high-consumption hours, in addition to creating emergency water reservoirs and increasing urban water supply, the interaction of water and electricity, which will increase the capacity of the power plant and reduce the power of the power plants Low efficiency.

This project is carried out at two levels of water supply and utilization of a variable-speed storage system which increases the network stability. By reducing the peak load and minimum consumption, the coefficient of utilization of the production and transmission facilities and the higher electricity distribution, and as a result, Fewer costs are incurred for generating energy and, on the other hand, for transferring it.

In Iranian network, according to Tavanir studies, the most important way to increase the load factor is to reduce the denominator, which is to reduce the consumption peak or decrease the consumption synchronization and transfer of load to non-peak hours.

Flow and pressure of water, more bay lands, sewage, water tanks, and geographic dispersion as the main, exclusive and unique source of renewable energy production and increase energy efficiency in the water and wastewater industry. The province's water and wastewater company have received the 2018 International Energy Award for the oil pipelines project, the first national water, and pressure regulating the system in the urban water distribution network.








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