Promote energy and power diplomacy with neighboring countries

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Friday, January 11, 2019
Energy subsidies should be allocated to those who save

Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy Affairs, emphasizing that the average efficiency of the country's thermal power plants will reach 40 percent by the end of the twelfth government, said the Ministry of Energy is seeking to promote energy and electricity diplomacy with neighboring countries.

He said promotion of electricity and energy diplomacy with the countries of Central Asia was one of the priorities of the Ministry of Electricity's electricity sector, adding:The deepening of the electricity relations with Iraq, the export and synchronization of the electricity networks of the two countries, the reduction of the Iraqi power grid by 50% and the power outage of the country to zero after three years, is one of the most important programs for the issuance of services to Iraq which will be provided in the form of services.

Exploiting 20,000 megawatts of new capacity, increasing the capacity of renewable energy to 4,000 megawatts, single-digits of network losses, improving productivity indicators in the electricity grid, and adapting power plant and energy projects to the environment and promoting safety, including the plans of the 12th Government Power Department in the electricity sector.

Strategic cooperation with China and Russia and promotion of the role of West Asian and ECO member states, as well as strategic interactions with Turkey and gas exports to the country, as well as the free transfer of energy from Europe to Iran for the creation of power plants in Iran and exports. It is one of the other priorities of the electricity sector of the country.
Rescue plan is another important program of this section. Our country is one of the largest energy consumers in the world, and despite having four tenths of GDP, we account for about four percent of our energy consumption, and we need to make sure that subsidies are allocated to energy and accrue to those who consume Energy is saving energy in our country due to its low price.

The rescue plan focuses on converting energy savings into wealthy cycles.In this scheme, home-grown consumers can save money on the market, and the proceeds of this saving go back to their own households.

Standding  the Great Challenges by Changing the Power Industry Model Due to the existence of severe restrictions and sanctions in this sector, it is necessary to move to the electricity industry.Creating a wealthy economic cycle in the electricity sector is one of the key challenges facing the country's electricity sector.

Setting up virtual power plants and supporting active energy saving startups from other parts of the rescue plan, and by implementing this plan, we hope to prevent the loss of energy in the country.


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