Kurdi: 450 million smart meters will be installed by year-end

Arash Kurdi added:This work will be pursued with the aim of the project Intelligent system for measuring and energy management (Faham) in the Ministry of Energy on Tuesday at a meeting examining the role of e-government in the energy sector was held in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

تولید برق توسط لوله‌های آب شهری

لوسید انرژی، سیستم برق لوسیدپایپ را با این هدف طراحی کرده است که بتواند از جریان آب داخل لوله‌های آب شهری در شهرهای بزرگ برق تولید کند. از آب می‌توان استفاده‌های زیادی کرد، و با استفاده از جریان آن می‌توان انرژی برق‌آبی تولید کرد. اورِگانِ پورتلند آخرین شهری است که این سیستم ویژه را نصب‌کرده است.

Thirteenth International Energy Exhibition began in Kish

The Executive Director of the Exhibition,Mehrshad Seddiqi, said:This exhibition   has been held  with aims to introduce the country's capabilities in the areas of oil, gas, water, electricity and renewable energy.

140 domestic companies and 40 foreign companies were present at the exhibition. Energy experts are to exchange its experiences and achievements ,during the four-day exhibition.

Top power companies were introduced to the field of consumption

  Deputy  of Power Consumption Management Office TAVANIR  Co. informed of appreciation donation to the regional power companies and electricity distribution had the best performance in this regard.He added:holidays plan and annual maintenance industries in cooperation with joint 3018,  agricultural subscribers cooperation in cooperation with the Joint 36000,and plan to use automatic generators of subscribers in cooperation with 2200 Joint, was done by the electric power distribution companies in the country in the summer of 95.

احداث پست هوائی توزیع برق روستای جیلان در منطقه بسطام

در راستای پروژه ی  کاهش تلفات انرژی الکتریکی ، پست شماره دو روستای جیلان در منطقه بسطام با ظرفیت 50 کیلوولت آمپر و با هدف بهبود ولتاژ برق با توجه به کم شدن فاصله بین فیدرها ، تا پایان امسال اجرا خواهد شد .

The first Iranian two-megawatt wind turbine manufacturing

Seyed Masoud Taghvai speaking to reporters stated in Shahroud: The two-megawatt wind turbine design process is finished, and researchers are making the turbines which is scheduled to be unveiled on next year, May. He added: the latest technology is used to produce energy from water in this turbine and it’s adjustable and adaptable with different wind speeds.

Neka power plant gained second place in the evaluation of the Ministry of Energy

Chairman of the Board and Director of Neka Power Management ,Mohsen Nemati said:Neka power plant gained  second ranked the assessment carried out by the Ministry of Energy on performance of generating electricity management companies for the second consecutive year among the nation's large power plants in 1394.

He added:Power Management Neka gained  also, first ratings of performance evaluation in  90 and 92 years, third place in 91,second place in 93 and this is the fifth top title of  the company in the evaluation of the past five years.

The cheapest way to generate electricity in Iran

One of the most important selection criteria for producing electricity is the price of electricity, that the economic feasibility of power plant construction.Power aligned Price Index or LCOE is one of the ways to calculate the cost of power plant. In this way all electricity production costs  will be counted; contains,investment cost costs for plant construction,fuel costs and maintenance costs per unit of produced -electricity.

Iran Invited to Invest in Building Kyrgyzstan Hydropower Plants

Officials of the company said during a Kyrgyzstan-Iran business forum on Friday that Iran has been invited to invest in construction of the power plants.

Kyrgyzstan’s hydropower capacity is estimated at 142 billion kWh of electricity, they said, according to AKIPress website.

“Today we use no more than 10% of this capacity. The Naryn River is the main water artery. Its use started with construction of the Uch-Kurgan hydropower plant. Kyrgyzstan has 17 hydropower plants in total,” they added.

Germans sign power MoU with Iran

Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company of Iran and Germany’s Medio Energy Invest GmbH & Co. KG have sealed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with an aggregate total value of approximately 104 million dollars in order to build two solar and wind power stations in southern Iranian cities of Shushtar and Bandar-e Mahshahr.