S Korea, Turkey to build ME’s largest power plant in Iran

As quoted by Yonhap News Agency, SK Engineering & Construction (SK E&C) has teamed up with Turkey's energy giant UNIT International SA to build and operate new power plants in Iran.

Under the deal, the South Korean firm will join the Turkish firm's ongoing project to build and operate five new gas-fired power plants in Iran, said to be worth US$4.2 billion in total.

SK E&C will likely be in charge of building the five new power stations, company officials noted.

Iran’s Vaezi, Russia’s Novak to Meet in Moscow Monday

According to the report carried by Sputnik on Monday, Novak will host the Iranian minister in the Russian capital.

"They will hold a meeting today," a spokeswoman for Russia’s Energy Ministry said.

The two sides are expected to discuss the construction of a thermal power plant (TPP) in Iran, the report added.

Back in December, an Iranian holding company and Russia’s Technopromexport engineering company signed an agreement to build the power plant. 

Solar energy project at the University of Bu-Ali

Bu-Ali Sina University was named as one of the Green universities of Country; indicating that it is paying special attention to the environment in the activities of the resistance economy.

He mentioned:university has three active knowledge-based companies and five other companies are put under review and also,the professors working with five companies Science and Technology Park.


Source: ISNA / Bargh News

Electricity Distribution Company of Yazd province was able to allocate themselve the higher-ranking of the eleventh national conference on quality and efficiency

Eleventh National Conference on Quality and Productivity held in Tehran with the aim of  scientific, research and experimental exchange in the form of keynote speeches, workshops Training,innovative top experiences and case studies of organizations,access to knowledge and the use of appropriate models and the use of domestic and international successful experiences in the field of quality and efficiency.

Siemens to build power equipment plant in Iran

Arsalan Fathipour, member of Iran Electricity Industry Syndicate, informed reporters about the reached agreement with the German engineering giant for knowledge and technology transfer as well as construction of new equipment for power generation industry saying “during a visit to Germany, an Iranian delegation signed a contract with Siemens under which a plant will be built for manufacturing power equipment under license of the German firm.”

10 European, Asian Countries Invest in Iran’s Arvand Free Zone

Mohammad Reza Motamedi said $105 million in foreign investment has been attracted to the Arvand free trade zone in various sectors of the food industry, wind power plant and chemicals.

He added that during the past year, 10 countries have invested in the area, including Turkey, Pakistan, India, France, Kuwait, Britain, Austria, China, Germany, and Iraq.

The official went on to say that foreign investments in Arvand Free Zone have increased since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the July 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

70% reduction in air pollution in the capital by replacing electric vehicles

The number of consumption vehicles is one million units and said:If 10 percent of the car be Electric, annually; has costs nearly 20 thousand billion rials,at a cost of 100 million riyals to produce each vehicle,which is negligible compared to the country's economy.

احداث نیروگاه خورشیدی در آران و بیدگل

مسعود مقدم ستوده با اشاره به شرایط اقلیمی شهرستان، امکان بهره برداری از انرژی خورشیدی برای تولید برق را یادآور شد و تصریح کرد: این نیروگاه با برآورد اعتبار 5 میلیارد ریال و با توجه به درخواست شورای اسلامی و دهیاری روستای یزدل احداث می شود.

وی به مذاکره با مهندس ناظر پروژه و استعلام انجام شده و برگزاری جلسه با فرماندار آران و بیدگل، مدیر بنیاد مسکن انقلاب اسلامی و اعضای شورای این روستا اشاره کرد و ادامه داد: از ابتدای سال 96 احداث این نیروگاه شروع خواهد شد.

به گزارش برق نیوز

برق ‌رسانی به 29 روستای استان ایلام در دولت تدبیر و امید

هادی شیرخانی اظهار کرد: تا پایان سال 91 تعداد 579 روستای استان از نعمت برق برخوردار بودند که با روی کار آمدن دولت تدبیر و امید امروز این تعداد به 608 روستا افزایش یافته است.


Italy to reopen LOC to Iran’s utility industries

Speaking at a joint session with the Italian Minister of the Environment Gian Luca Galletti, Iran’s Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian pointed to the age-old history of ties between the two sides saying “Tehran and Rome have always held economic and diplomatic relations which will hopefully become reinvigorated in the post-JCPOA era.”