Iran’s Power Generation Capacity Nears 78,000 MW

The country’s overall nominal capacity to generate electricity has increased by 381 MW over the past two weeks, reaching 77,987 MW.

During the mentioned time, the first units of two combined-cycle power plants in Behbahan and Parand have come into service, each of which can produce 160 MW of electricity.

A distributed generation power plant with a capacity to produce 61 MW of electricity has also been connected to the national grid.

تاکید مدیرعامل شرکت توزیع برق خراسان شمالی بر بهبود وضعیت وصول مطالبات

مدیرعامل این شرکت بر بهبود وضعیت وصول مطالبات در چند ماهه باقی مانده تا پایان سال تاکید کرد.

مهندس "علیرضا صبوری" در جلسه شاخص ها و اهداف معاونت فروش و خدمات مشترکین شرکت توزیع برق خراسان شمالی با اشاره به این که هزینه های شرکت از محل وصول مطالبات تامین می شود، بر جدیت مسئولان این حوزه در امر وصول مطالبات تاکید کرد.

وی با اشاره به نزدیک شدن به پایان سال و افزایش هزینه های متعهد شده شرکت در این بازه زمانی گفت: از ابتدای سال تا کنون، تمرکز شرکت بر اجرای پروژه ها به بهترین نحو ممکن بوده و اکنون زمان تمرکز بر بحث وصول است.

Exploitation of Meshgin City Geothermal Power Plant

The first electric current generated by steam in the country will be exploited by installing this turbine at the site c. of this power plant in the coming days.

Meshgin City, a geothermal power plant, is being constructed as the first geothermal power plant in the Middle East at a height of three thousand meters in Sabalan Mountains; and with its completion, it is capable of producing 55 megawatts of energy using indoor heat.

The first unit of the Parand Power Plant steam line was synchronized

The executor of Interconnected Electricity Projects announced: The first unit of the Parand combined cycle power plant was synchronized with the national electricity grid.

Hamid Sardari said: The construction of the steam section of this power plant was one of the resilient economy projects that were announced to the thermal power company last year.

He added that Parand Power Plant's steam sector is among the first projects defined as "Beiji Mutual" with a capacity of 3 units 160 MW,  upon which the steam cycle of the power plant generates a combined cycle to save fuel.

Achieving new technology in the production of transformer oils for the first time in the country

The oils of the current transformers used are mineral oils, these oils are produced from the distillation of petroleum products, due to the presence of some compounds, they cause carcinogenic effects in humans and remain in the environment for a long time.

With this in mind, research on oils with fewer disadvantages has been put on the agenda.

In this regard, in cooperation with Uromieh University, we succeeded in achieving a new technology called Polyesters-based Transformer Oil for the first time in the country.

Fully integrated circuits printed directly onto fabric

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, working with colleagues in Italy and China, have demonstrated how graphene -- a two-dimensional form of carbon -- can be directly printed onto fabric to produce integrated electronic circuits which are comfortable to wear and can survive up to 20 cycles in a typical washing machine.

New Plant Raises Ceiling on Iran’s Power Output

The first unit of Samangan Combined Cycle Power Plant in Iran’s southern province of Kerman has come into operation, raising the overall capacity of electricity generation to 77,446 MW.

In a combined cycle power plant, a gas turbine generator generates electricity while the waste heat from the gas turbine is used to make steam to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine. CCPDs are efficient and cost-effective.

Steam sector of the combined cycle power plant came into operation

The first phase of the plant was fully integrated into the country's electricity circuit with the operation of steam power plant of Taban Combined cycle in Yazd province with capacity of 160 MW,

The power plant of Taban combined cycle has been constructed in the form of two units of gas and one steam in Yazd province with the participation of Iran's investment and Mahtab Gostar which  the eighteenth unit of the power plant that enters the electrical circuit is provided by the private sector in the country.

Annual export capacity of $ 2 billion in the electric power industry

The contracting power of the consulting engineers and electrical equipment manufacturers in Iran is such that it can be exported more than $ 20 billion annually in this area.

Due to contracting capacity of consulting engineers and manufacturers of electrical equipment in Iran, it can be exported more than $ 20 billion in this field,annually.


With synchronization of the unit, a total number of 80 units are now synchronized to the national grid by MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction and Development (MD-2) with an aggregate capacity of 12,053 megawatts.