7 German holdings to invest in North Khorasan prov.

The German delegation was accompanied by officials of North Khorasan Electricity Distribution Company.

Setting up Third Energy Research Development Center in Yazd at the end of the summer 96

Power and energy industry technology development center dependent on Power Research Institute supports the creation and development of knowledge-based businesses and technology in the power industry and energy via provide support services to companies and technology units located in the center.

The center plans to accept  a limited number of technology companies in the electricity and energy industry through public call in the country.

Iran’s Electricity Generation Capacity Reaches about 77,000MW

The country’s capacity to generate electricity has increased by 385 MW since the beginning of the current Iranian year, which began on March 21.

With the coming into service over the past two weeks of several new thermal units of power plants that can produce 110 MW of electricity, the country’s overall nominal capacity has reached 76,947 MW.

Back in November 2015, Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian unveiled plans for an increase in the country’s capacity of electricity generation and exports to neighboring countries.

4 Power Distribution Project was put into operation in Sanandaj

The Public Relations Kurdistan Region Power Distribution Company,Electrical Distribution Manager of Sanandaj said: mentioned projects has cost  a total of 2 billion and 240 million rials crowds domestic credit.

He said:the immunization Network and all electrical installations was fixed through correction of 1198 m air Low Voltage networks and turning them in to maintenance cable in the second phase and the first phase of Pir areas.

Design and construction of "integrated arrester fuse cutout" with unique capabilities in the electricity industry

The project is the result of both intellectual and constructive engagement electricity distribution Mashhad, universities and industry and the design and construction is natives completly and much more efficient in comparison with foreign examples.

Among the important objectives in the operation of power distribution networks is reducing the risk of errors in the network.

Specifications and features "lightning - Integrated fuse cutout" is:

1.Remove wire communication of  the arrester to the cut-out and the upper and lower steel clamps of arrester

10 MW solar photovoltaic power plant in the Mollasani region

Mahmoud Dashtbozorg said:The project will be run by the private sector through foreign direct investment and construction of the plant will result in direct and indirect employment of 40 area youth.

The volume of investment of the project is about 12 million pounds, equivalent to 590 billion riyals which is being built in the area by the private sector in partnership with the"Solar England",British company.

Iran builds ME’s 1st mobile power plant

MAPNA, Iran's largest power plant EPC contractor, built and implemented the 25-megawatt mobile power plants in two northern Iranian cities.

The newly-implemented power houses were successfully synchronized in Noshahr and Behshahr. The 25-MW mobile power plant of MAPNA Group can be prepared, installed and launched in less than three months. The station can enter the electricity grid in less than 25 minutes can functions under both gas and acheterdufrance.com diesel fuel.

Iran Inaugurates New Hydropower Plant

Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian on Thursday opened the hydropower plant at ‘Roodbar’ dam, in Aligoodarz, the western province of Lorestan.

According to the minister, inauguration of the plant helped the total hydropower generation capacity of the country to reach 11,804 megawatts, around one-fifth of Iran’s total electricity generation capacity.

The main role of electricity distribution industry in order to fulfill the motto of the year;  Resistive Economy-Production-employment  

According to the public relations office of Power Distribution Company in Zanjan province,the company has complied with planning take effective steps in order to further the objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran and strategies of the Ministry of Energy and  TAVANIR specialized holding company; this year.More than 70 percent of energy consumption in the province have in the power supply units in industry and agriculture.In addition to the direct employment of 1,000 tons of official personnel, contracts and contractors; 18 of educated youth were hired by the university entrance exam in t

Energy transition: Smart, interconnected, sustainable

Many elements are required for making the energy system more sustainable. Among them are smart solar storage systems, smartly interconnected energy grids, and electricity-based synthetic fuels (e-fuels). KIT studies the related technologies and will present latest findings and outlooks at the Intersolar and ees Europe exhibitions (May 31 to June 02, 2017, Munich).