Opening and operation of projects of the country's power industry

Opening up of 40 power projects in Ahwaz metropolis and the operation of 7 large power plants in Karoun, according to Public Relations of Ahvaz Power Distribution Company.

7 electricity projects include the construction of a new medium-voltage line, the construction of a home electricity grid, arrangement and installation of lighting and lines, construction of a network was opened with a credit of 19 billion and seven hundred and eighty-one million rials.

A major step forward in organic electronics

Researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University, have developed the world's first complementary electrochemical logic circuits that can function stable for long periods in water. This is a highly significant breakthrough in the development of bioelectronics.

The first printable organic electrochemical transistors were presented by researchers at Liu as early as 2002, and research since then has progressed rapidly. Several organic electronic components, such as light-emitting diodes and electrochromic displays, are already commercially available.

The opening and exploiting projects of the power industry in the cities of Iran

Utilization of 850 electricity projects with a credit of 607 billion 500 million rials simultaneously with the decade of Fajr in Isfahan city

According to the electricity distribution company of Isfahan:Hamid Reza Pirpiran has started the official operation of the 63 km of new lighting network.328 post and transformer of ground and air equipment are equipped and arranged in orbit.Also, the construction of 374 km of medium and low-pressure ground and air power networks from other ready-to-use projects in these days, which provides subscribers with nearly 30,000 new branches.

Tehran to host 4th Intl. Energy Conf.

The event is themed on energy, safety, and environment.

According to Iran's oil ministry website SHANA, the event is being organized in line with the general policies of the resistance economy and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei's instructions with the aim of providing dynamic growth and improving economic indices and objectives of the Development Outlook document with the goal of generating productive and endogenous opportunities.

Creating $ 30 Billion Financing for the Electricity Industry

Focusing on the capacities of the budget bill of 1397, the important issues in the interests of the electricity industry and the elimination of its problems are under review in the public scene of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.According to note 3 of the budget law, a ceiling for foreign investment was considered to have been set at the level of financial capacity projected in the budget bill of 1397, which would be $ 30 billion for the next year, which is in the electricity industry, The figure will be significant, "Mohsen Bakhtiar".

Investment conference is held in the power industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran

This event will be hosted by Mahab Gostar Dena Company; in which investment strategies and technical knowledge transfer in this area will be discussed by experts and activists in this field.

The conference will be held on May 16-18 in the Ministry of Energy's Central Building Assembly Hall.

Iran is the prime power of the region in power generation

Iran is the first power in the region to produce electricity, and in terms of power transmission network power in the region.

Rasoul Mousa Rezaie in a meeting of the executive deputies of Isfahan province, saying that the electric power industry has a brilliant record among government institutions, Iran is the first power in the region to generate electricity, and the world is ranked 14th.

The 4th International Conference of the Iranian Scientific Society of Energy

The Iranian Energy Science Association will hold its fourth international conference on "Energy, Safety, and Environment" in seven axes on 10 and 11 February 2012 in Tehran.

The conference is one of the biggest and most important challenges of human society in the present century, which is energy and the environment.

Researchers, professors, managers, experts, students, and all energy enthusiasts can participate in the conference by posting their research results and scientific achievements.

Setting up 320 MW unit of Bandar Abbas Power Plant in the least possible time in the power industry of the country

The strategic assistant of the parent company specialized in producing thermal power plant ,Abd-al-Rasoul Pishahang said :Setting up of 320 MW unit of Bandar Abbas Power Plant in limited time is one of the masterpieces of the country's power industry, ( at the visit of Bandar Abbas power plant and at the joint meeting, which was formed to analyze the causes of the accident of the three steam generators of Bandar Abbas,after listening to the reports thanks to the efforts of management and laborers in Bandar Abbas's power plant to set up the unit in terms of the quality and speed of staff per

Floating solar fuels rig created for seawater electrolysis

Chemical engineers have developed a novel photovoltaic-powered electrolysis device that can operate as a stand-alone platform that floats on open water. The floating PV-electrolyzer can be thought of as a 'solar fuels rig' that bears some resemblance to deep-sea oil rigs -- but it would produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight and water instead of extracting petroleum from beneath the sea floor.