Eighth provincial the development of wind power congress to be held in collaboration with Qazvin Province electricity distribution companies

Wind Energy Association's secretary said on the development of wind energy holding :Wind Energy Development Conference will be held Wednesday twentieth day of May in Imam Khomeini Science and Technology Park and Imam Khomeini International University in Qazvin province  with the participation of selected scholars and researchers in industry and academia.

Seven agreements were signed for construction of small-scale power plant in Semnan province

7 small-scale power plant construction agreements were signed with a total capacity of more than 194 megawatts, with the participation of Deputy Minister of Energy at the Power and Energy Affairs and the Governor of Semnan.

Seminar on solar energy by introducing a variety of inverters

Asghar Mahmoudi has over 25 years of academic experience and performance in the design, construction and operation of solar power plants and hybrids in Germany and other countries also have experience working as a professional with great companies producing electrical equipment photovoltaic systems SMA is such a company and Solarworld AG.

Installing of 30 power disconnectors in Lorestan

30 disconnectors were installed by the Lorestan's power enforcement , in a Crusade, in the second half holiday in sensitive areas and long lines.

Director of Power stated:The majority of installed switch have been installed in rugged and mountainous areas that are most vulnerable to heavy rainfall and snow.

Khodnya engineer said:by installing this switch have no wide blackouts networks and the length of the distribution networks that provide electricity for vast areas, will be much shorter by installing these breakers keys to maneuver.

Connecting of unit 3 of Baraghe Afkan Distributed Generation Power Plant

Installation, testing and commissioning of unit3 of  Boroujerd's Baraghe Afkan power plant were successfully implemented ,with a capacity of 1600 kW,in order to achieve the objectives of the electricity industry in the field of electricity generation through private sector investment in April this year.

Alireza Sheikhi said:The first phase of the station into orbit on March 94, with a capacity of 25 MW ,at present, the current capacity of the plant has reached to 4800 kW through three synchronized unit.

S Korea, Turkey to build ME’s largest power plant in Iran

As quoted by Yonhap News Agency, SK Engineering & Construction (SK E&C) has teamed up with Turkey's energy giant UNIT International SA to build and operate new power plants in Iran.

Under the deal, the South Korean firm will join the Turkish firm's ongoing project to build and operate five new gas-fired power plants in Iran, said to be worth US$4.2 billion in total.

SK E&C will likely be in charge of building the five new power stations, company officials noted.

Iran’s Vaezi, Russia’s Novak to Meet in Moscow Monday

According to the report carried by Sputnik on Monday, Novak will host the Iranian minister in the Russian capital.

"They will hold a meeting today," a spokeswoman for Russia’s Energy Ministry said.

The two sides are expected to discuss the construction of a thermal power plant (TPP) in Iran, the report added.

Back in December, an Iranian holding company and Russia’s Technopromexport engineering company signed an agreement to build the power plant. 

Solar energy project at the University of Bu-Ali

Bu-Ali Sina University was named as one of the Green universities of Country; indicating that it is paying special attention to the environment in the activities of the resistance economy.

He mentioned:university has three active knowledge-based companies and five other companies are put under review and also,the professors working with five companies Science and Technology Park.


Source: ISNA / Bargh News

Electricity Distribution Company of Yazd province was able to allocate themselve the higher-ranking of the eleventh national conference on quality and efficiency

Eleventh National Conference on Quality and Productivity held in Tehran with the aim of  scientific, research and experimental exchange in the form of keynote speeches, workshops Training,innovative top experiences and case studies of organizations,access to knowledge and the use of appropriate models and the use of domestic and international successful experiences in the field of quality and efficiency.

Siemens to build power equipment plant in Iran

Arsalan Fathipour, member of Iran Electricity Industry Syndicate, informed reporters about the reached agreement with the German engineering giant for knowledge and technology transfer as well as construction of new equipment for power generation industry saying “during a visit to Germany, an Iranian delegation signed a contract with Siemens under which a plant will be built for manufacturing power equipment under license of the German firm.”