The possibility of technical exchange of 800 megawatts of power was established with the Azerbaijan Republic

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Friday, May 11, 2018
The Minister of Energy announced:

The Minister of Energy has agreed on an agreement between the two countries, which will be based on the planning after the summer.

Reza Ardakaniyan said that the two countries have a decade-long relationship in the field of water and electricity cooperation, saying, "Perhaps we are among the few countries in the world who will soon celebrate the 50th anniversary of joint cooperation over their border rivers."

"In less than a month after the trip, we succeeded in signing an agreement with the Azerbaijani side to begin this summer, naturally with increasing demand for electricity, that we could start the contract within a few months," he said. Buy and import electricity to about 180 megawatts.

Ardakaniyan said that Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia will connect Iran's electricity grid to another one of the President's visits to Baku, adding that if this plan is to be implemented, our country will be higher in terms of technical progress, in terms of the security of the system and its quality.

Connecting to a network that is more than three times as large as our installed capacity will have a lot of advantages, while at the same time it will force us from different technical aspects to get higher quality in this segment.

The first meeting between the three ministers of energy in three countries will be held in Baku, according to the President's visit, and the second meeting will be held in Moscow between the three technical delegations, soon. We will see the connection of the power grid of Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia in the near future.

In addition to the talks with the Azerbaijani side, the Azerbaijani Energy Minister visited the construction capacities inside Iran, including the Mapna group
And good negotiations have been made in the area of renewable, fossil and thermal energy that the technical delegation of the country has begun to negotiate with Iranian groups as soon as we hope we can use this capacity to develop relations between the two countries.

Ardakaniyan said that there should be various final issues in the field of financial and technical cooperation between the two countries, which was held today by the first joint commission of these projects, and it was stipulated that these meetings should be continued on a regular basis, referring to the existence of various water projects between the two countries. Get more operational and operational forms of cooperation between the two countries based on existing legal frameworks.




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