The opening of the world's most advanced technology for the water supply industry in Isfahan

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Sunday, December 25, 2016
For the first time takes place in the Middle East;

The world's most advanced technology opened in martyr Montazeri Isfahan power plant ''The Green Revolution in the water and wastewater industry'',and in semi-industrial level for the first time in the Middle East.

Ghanei said:Project gets underway according to the development of water management and the importance of it's recycling ,with the aim of water supply industry and urban green space through the recirculation,of industrial and municipal wastewater .

According Ghanei,this project was done with title,plans to build a pilot plant up and running in wastewater treatment system by a knowledge-based companies active in the field of biotechnology.

The most advanced technical knowledge wastewater treatment system to Iran.

The scheme was set up with the support of biotechnology development headquarters at 300 cubic meters as a pilot in Shahin Shahr Isfahan plant.Ghanei said:Pilot projects was created in Iran  with a capacity of 300 cubic meters per day,technical knowledge is commercializing advanced wastewater treatment system in 2012 in the Netherlands,now and  the construction of the system was monopolized by a Dutch company ,so far .It  will be opened within the presence of Science and Technology Vice President at the coming days.

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