Opening and operation of projects of the country's power industry

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Friday, February 9, 2018
On the Occasion of the Fajr Decade

Opening up of 40 power projects in Ahwaz metropolis and the operation of 7 large power plants in Karoun, according to Public Relations of Ahvaz Power Distribution Company.

7 electricity projects include the construction of a new medium-voltage line, the construction of a home electricity grid, arrangement and installation of lighting and lines, construction of a network was opened with a credit of 19 billion and seven hundred and eighty-one million rials.

40 electricity projects at the level of different urban and rural areas of the metropolis of Ahwaz were utilized with a credit of 212 billion rials in order to improve the quality and stability of the power grid.The projects including the development of the power grid, the organization of the power grid, the development of a two-wire network, the construction and repair of lighting, the project to reduce losses, the construction of a coated wire, repair and organizing the power grid, the displacement of the dual circuits, power supply, network modification, reducing the city's transmissions load It was exploited.

The credits allocated to these projects were estimated at twelve and twelve billion three hundred and eighty-eight million and two hundred and one rials.

Opening 450 projects to develop and improve the network on the occasion of the Fajr decade according to the Public Relations Department of Southern Kerman.

The electricity provided by the subscribers with the investment and more than 17 thousand new subscribers have been supplying electricity. Since the beginning of the current year, of this amount, 94 industrial units, 448 have been supplied with power and pumped agricultural pumps.

Elimination of voltage drop of 398 area, replacement of 16500 electrical power meter, installation of 3375 LED lights and construction of 92 km of medium pressure line was done In order to create a maneuver point and improve network reliability in 16 cities of the company's operating area.

21 villages and 223 rural households benefited from the electricity and two villages benefited from the installation of solar panels.

The energy minister said seven projects were put into operation in the energy sector with a capacity of 2,772 megawatts worth 2 billion and 90 million euros during the Fajr decade.

These projects have been exploited in Behbahan, Yazd, Golghar, Sirjan, Samangan, Sirjan.

The 450-megawatt renewable power plant is in operation.

More than 700 megawatts of renewable energy are under construction.

Operation of 5,317 .transmission, distribution and superstructure projects worth 27,740 billion .

4 417 megawatts worth 3 and a half billion dollars with reliance on foreign investment

In the water industry sector:99 and 4 tenths of the urban population covered by healthy water and sanitation

Renewable energy: About $ 2 billion and $ 1 billion of renewable energy contracts 

2,000 megawatts of renewable energy relies on private sector resources with 70 percent of foreign investors and 30 percent of domestic investors

Intention to use drainage, implementation of the groundwater balance plan, delegating powers to governors in the area of land use change and appropriate crop rotation, reducing water counts and activating the water market

Launching 11 Miami City Power Plants according to the  Public Relations of Semnan Electric Power Distribution Company

The opening and operation of six plans for the construction and repair of 10,310 meters of low voltage and medium pressure network and the installation of 16 air distribution stations with a credit of 7 billion and 416 million rials
Four plans for the development of electricity distribution networks with the amount of four billion and 533 million rials
Converting two thousand and 333 meters of low-voltage wired network to self-contained cable of 887 million rials
The start of operation and the opening of 10 electricity distribution projects in Ashtian according to Markazi Electricity Distribution Co.

Exploiting the Project of Electrical Workshop with Tafresh University by the Central Governor

Opening, exploitation, and commissioning of electric power projects, optimization of electricity networks and street lighting in the cities and regions of the province in order to maintain a stable and stable distribution of power, customer satisfaction, optimal use of available facilities and economic resources.



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