The opening and exploiting projects of the power industry in the cities of Iran

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Friday, February 2, 2018
At the same time as the Fajr decade

Utilization of 850 electricity projects with a credit of 607 billion 500 million rials simultaneously with the decade of Fajr in Isfahan city

According to the electricity distribution company of Isfahan:Hamid Reza Pirpiran has started the official operation of the 63 km of new lighting network.328 post and transformer of ground and air equipment are equipped and arranged in orbit.Also, the construction of 374 km of medium and low-pressure ground and air power networks from other ready-to-use projects in these days, which provides subscribers with nearly 30,000 new branches.

Operation of 110 small-scale solar power projects in total of 1 MW, opening and connecting three units of small-scale gas-fired power plants in Sajzi and Jay towns with a capacity of 5 megawatts and the establishment of a system for the acceptance of new subscribers of new energy, as well as the acceptance of small power plant subscribers, is the result of the company's electricity market projects in the Fajr decade.

These projects also provide special capacity for peak courthouse management next summer and allow for greater split acceptance.In the year 96, the growth rate of peak traffic increased by 2.5% compared to 956 by 1086 megawatts, which is appropriate due to the growth of 5% of the peak load in the whole country. The performance of the electricity distribution company in Isfahan was appropriate, and this success with the cooperation of subscribers and in All of the load management sectors were 120 megawatts.

For the first time, unproductive sectors such as domestic, commercial, and office customers have played a major role in managing management plans, and 40 megawatts of this burden management have been performed by these subscribers, which has resulted in less productive sectors.

Opening of three major electricity projects in Yazd province

According to the public relations of Yazd regional power company, with the presence of the first vice president and minister of power.

The 3 projects of the Yazd power industry include the first phase of the Taban Power Plant and the Noor Solar Power Plant in the city of Ashkdaz and the Cedar Power Plant in Ardakan.

The power plant in Taban Combined Cycle, the production capacity in the first phase with a capacity of 484 MW, with an investment of over 10 trillion rials, is being exploited by the private sector.

The gas units of this power plant have been exploited in the presence of the minister of power in March 2012 during the visit of the Ministry of the power in Yazd province.

This power plant was implemented and put into operation with the aim of providing part of the country's electricity needs and supplying the energy needed by the energy industries in the region, such as the steel industry for three years.

Nour Solar Power Plant was opened and the contract has been signed in the form of a 10-megawatt guaranteed 20-year warranty with Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SATBA).

This power plant is connected with the cost of constructing 500 billion rials as a fixed base (stacker) and to the above-mentioned electricity distribution site of Steel Town.

The steam unit of the Ardakan power plant is also operational with a capacity of 160 MW.

733 Urban and Rural Electricity Project will be exploited in Fajr this year.

According to Public Relations of Yazd Power Distribution Company, With the implementation of 23 urban and rural development projects, over 26,000 meters of medium and low voltage networks, 39,000 meters of low voltage substation with self-contained cable and 839 high-performance LED lights will be added to the network equipment of Yazd province.

22 projects with the construction of more than 25 thousand meters of medium voltage and low voltage network at a cost of 24 thousand and 150 million fifty-four million rials to be used in the field of lighting.88 aerial posts with a capacity of 6430 kV have been added to existing facilities.

28 thousand 387 meters of medium voltage network and up to 61 thousand meters of the low voltage network have been optimized.


Opening of 320 MW Golgohar Power Plant in Kerman with the presence of the president

Managing Director of Thermal Power Generation Company: The 320-megawatt power plant will be fully operational, with the presence of the president and the minister of energy.Also, the steam unit of the Samangan power plant in Kerman will be opened with the presence of the Minister of Power and provincial authorities officially.

The operation of F Class F plant is being implemented by the private sector with the presence of the Energy and Energy Deputy Minister of Energy.

The Khorramabad power plant, whose operation was stopped, was opened with the participation of senior officials of the country.The steam section of the Chabahar power plant will be operational during the Fajr decade.

We have a startup operation of 1,95 megawatts, with 320 megawatts of new capacity and a total of 1,780 megawatts of installed power plants.Two gas stations of Taban power plant in Yazd every 162 megawatts and a 160-megawatt steam section is inaugurated in Fajr decade.Samangan power plant will open two 166 MW gas units and one 160 MW steam unit, the contractor of both Taban and Samangan power plants are the base group.

The Mapna Industrial Group is also the contractor of Taban and Samangan power plants.The Gulgohar Kerman project will be operational during the Fajr decade. The plant also has 166 megawatts of gas.

Its operation has begun and the gas unit of 160 MW of Chabahar is another project.In order to convert the tower to the dry, at Hamadan power plant 130 billion USD and at Isfahan power plant costs 175 billion USD, which will decrease the water content by 85 to 90 per unit.

The original loan agreement of JICA has been signed and the governments of Iran and Japan must sign the agreement. The amount of the loan for these two Shahid Rajaee and Muftah power plants is 800 million dollars.

15 gas-fired power plants were introduced. In 96, 92 percent of the country's gas was consumed, but over the past few days, we used more liquid fuels than air.

The opening of 13 electricity projects in the field of power distribution industry in Semnan

Five schemes for the reconstruction and development of medium voltage and low voltage networks with 16 billion and 600 million rials and two lighting projects with credits of 3 billion and 430 million rials are among the opening plans.

A plan for the repair of equipment and distribution facilities with a credit of 400 million rials and a plan for the installation of a kiousk station on the Astaneh Avenue with a power of 400 kV amounted to 1 billion 200 million rials was opened.

The amount of 28 billion and 330 million rials has been invested in these 13 electricity development projects in Semnan.


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