New innovations in the eighteenth edition of the electrical industry

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Sunday, November 11, 2018
Unpacking the Internet of Transformer Objects,Production of high-pressure underground cables,Saving $ 15 million in a private company in UPS production

Unpacking the Internet of Transformer Objects of Underground Pressure Cables

Equipped with the name of the Internet, IOT objects for installation on transformers, can uncover all the information paramters of the transformer on which the equipment is installed online to the data center.

With this equipment, it is possible to determine the location of the transformer with GPS data. Also, by installing a gyroscope, any kind of displacement and shaking of the transformer due to natural disasters or even stolen, is reported online.

Equipped with Transformers to the Internet of Things, it creates the ability to access all data associated with the Transformer without the presence of the Electrical Entity at the installation site in a control room center, and by installing the equipment on all transmissions of an area, The possibility of having a network grid of transmissions in an area in a command room is such that a central operator can monitor the status of all transmissions on a monitor page online.
Equipping Transformers with the Internet of Things is an important step towards intelligent networking in the country

Production of high-pressure underground cables without the need for tunnel construction

An internal company active in the field of wire and cable, has provided a new generation of coregate-coated high voltage cables in various voltage disturbances without the need for a tunnel.

The construction of high-voltage cable networks requires tunnel drilling and since costly drilling operations in the country are costly, the cost-effective operation of the tunnel is a high voltage cable (cable, water, electricity, gas , Telecommunications, etc.).

Abhar Cable and Cable Co., based on its internal capability, has made localization of the technology of manufacturing various types of corgate coated cables in various voltage disturbances.
Deputy director and member of the board of directors of the company,Saboori, said:The company has been operating since the year 73 and until now, all high-voltage and medium-voltage cables have been producing a range of 66 kV to high voltage.
He added: Considering the high costs of excavation of the tunnel in the country and the impossibility of digging it in places of densely populated and densely populated cities such as Tehran, the company has been producing a variety of high-voltage cables with a range of 66, 132, 230 and 400 kV galvanized coils.

The cables have the ability to drill a simple channel and burgeon the sub-cables for a much lower cost.
  The company's cables are capable of scanning online for troubleshooting.

Saving $ 15 million in a private company in UPS production

The CEO of an active company in the design and manufacture of electronic circuits announced the saving of $ 15 million in UPS and power products in the first 96 years of the first six months of this year.

Ramin Alamian Rad, the CEO of Farsam Electronics Industries Co., who has been active in the field of power electronics manufacturing for five years, has been able to manufacture small-sized UPS devices to increase the efficiency of its exclusive capabilities. The company's specialists for the first time in Iran have designed the remote reporting software for UPS devices, and now its products are shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sahirad smart phones are provided on a small and small scale with a SNMP card and with remote control by the mobile app.

Sahirard's "shielding" system for use in public places to prevent theft by producing a thick fog on the basis of water and a drinking water dispenser from humidity and solar powered solar powered Jupiter system brands, including its products. The company.

Sahirad Co. has succeeded in obtaining the title of Creative Company from the scientific vice president of the Presidency in October this year due to its special activities in the field of producing knowledgeable products.
The Farsam Electronic Industries Co., Hirad Kian, was established in 1992 with the brand name of the "Sahirad" brand in the production of power electronics products, and is currently working on the design and manufacture of electronic circuits, microcontroller based circuits, oscillators, inverters and intelligent UPS.


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