Neka power plant gained second place in the evaluation of the Ministry of Energy

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Neka power plant was ranked second in the evaluation of the Energy Department for the second consecutive year among the nation's large power plants.

Chairman of the Board and Director of Neka Power Management ,Mohsen Nemati said:Neka power plant gained  second ranked the assessment carried out by the Ministry of Energy on performance of generating electricity management companies for the second consecutive year among the nation's large power plants in 1394.

He added:Power Management Neka gained  also, first ratings of performance evaluation in  90 and 92 years, third place in 91,second place in 93 and this is the fifth top title of  the company in the evaluation of the past five years.

Sixteenth Conference of the senior managers of the Ministry of Energy held in the conference hall of the Ministry of Energy, with the presence of the  first Vice-President Jahangiri engineer Minister of Energy Mr.Chitchian,Deputies,and a number of Staff Managers  and utilities sub-industry companies.

According to the Provincial Department of Young Journalists' Club of Sari.

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