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Iran and Italy sign a renewed cooperation agreement

Renewable Electricity Companies in Italy Come to Tehran on July

Italian ambassador to Iran said: Seven large Italian renewable energy companies will travel to Tehran to hold a joint seminar with Sattba in July. We intend to sign a document on renewable energy between the two countries, and the working group will examine the document.

Iran Energy Minister in Germany for Talks

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardekanian traveled to Germany on Monday to weigh plans for environmental and energy cooperation between the two countries.

Ardekanian is planned to hold talks with Germany’s Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Svenja Schulze and Federal Minister of Germany for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier during the visit.

The possibility of technical exchange of 800 megawatts of power was established with the Azerbaijan Republic

The Minister of Energy has agreed on an agreement between the two countries, which will be based on the planning after the summer.

Reza Ardakaniyan said that the two countries have a decade-long relationship in the field of water and electricity cooperation, saying, "Perhaps we are among the few countries in the world who will soon celebrate the 50th anniversary of joint cooperation over their border rivers."

The third festival of exploitation and maintenance capabilities will be held in the country's water and wastewater industry

"Secretary of the third festival of exploitation and maintenance capabilities in the country's water and wastewater industry", Shahin Pakrouh said: This festival and exhibition will be held by the Water and Wastewater Company of Iran from May 15th to 19th, 1397 at Shahr-e-Aftab the International Exhibition Center.

The purpose of the festival:

Operation of Kangavar Sewage Treatment Plant and Implementing 135 projects with a credit of 94 trillion Toman in Kermanshah

The Minister of Energy announced that 135 projects in the fields of water supply, control and collection of wastewater and electricity and energy with a credit value of 94 trillion tomans in Kermanshah province are underway.

The operation or commissioning of a feasibility project, which exceeds 10 trillion Toman, is made from the 8 projects visited today.

Concerning the separation of drinking water and sanitary water can be done according to the capacity of Kermanshah province in the province, we are looking for schemes such as deepwater studies, sweetening, etc.

Opening of two power units of Daryan dam and completion of 210 MW of hydroelectric power production in Daryan

Two units of three units of the Daryan power station with a total capacity of 140 MW, joined the national electricity grid after a period of one month of experimental operation with a minimum authorized trip and more than 3280 hours of operation.

The Daryan power plant has three 70 MW units with vertical Francis turbines, which can supply the market with a daily supply of 210 GWh of energy.

The first unit of the plant was connected to the national network last September, which is still producing energy.

Utilization of Water Supply Scheme to Shoshtar, Providing water to the villages of Hasan Abad and Implementation of the second phase of the Andimeshk sewage network

Water supply project has been implemented in Shoushtar city with the aim of supply, transfer, and storage of drinking water required by Shoushtar city with the population of 120 thousand people and water requirement of 57 thousand cubic meters per day.

The operational operation of the facility began in 1392 and was completed in 1396.

The total cost of the Shushtar water supply project and the villages of Seyyed Hassan was 430 billion Rials, which has been provided with development credits.

Sustainable power generation plays a vital role in the regular business of the domestic industry

Reza Ardakaniyan said: "In the year when water resources are limited, the capacity of the country's hydroelectric power stations will be reduced, so we need to work with the leaders of the water and energy industry to spend this summer with the least tension in power generation."

18 water and sewage projecs came into operation in Mashhad

During the visit of the Minister of Energy to Khorasan Razavi province, while operating 18 water and wastewater projects in Mashhad, the operation began. Five sewage collection projects started in the city.

3,000 megawatts of new power plant, opening up to 40 large water and wastewater projects and increasing 2 times the capacity of renewable energy in the new year

Reza Ardakaniyan, Minister of Energy, pointing out that the ministry is responsible for water, electricity, collecting and treatment of sewage as well as renewable energy in the country, said: The complex has entered two hundred and 100 megawatts of power plants and new capacity last year. Which was 1,700 megawatts in the second half of last year and was related to the twelfth government.