Ministry of power

Hydroelectric power plants will generate electricity twice this year

Considering the proper condition of the volume of dams' reserves, is the power generation program set at peak hours of the summer, said hydroelectric power plants will help to generate electricity at peak hours due to the proper status of reservoirs behind these dams this year.

He added that according to the program provided by Dispensing and Tannir, it is anticipated that about 10,000 megawatts of electricity will be produced from hydroelectric power plants this year.

Iran has electricity exchanges with seven neighboring countries

The installed capacity of the country's power plants at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution's victory was about 7,000 megawatts, which is now up to 11,000 times the 80,000-megawatt limit.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we have seen a variety of power plants in the country, so that electricity is being generated by various power plants such as diesel, nuclear, gas, renewable, hydroelectric, combined cycle, scattered generation and heat.

Promote energy and power diplomacy with neighboring countries

Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy Affairs, emphasizing that the average efficiency of the country's thermal power plants will reach 40 percent by the end of the twelfth government, said the Ministry of Energy is seeking to promote energy and electricity diplomacy with neighboring countries.

Water talks between Iran and Afghanistan began in Tehran

The 19th Joint Committee of the Hirmand Water Commissioners was headed by Abbas Soroush, deputy director for water and water supply of the Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Khan Mohammad Takel, Deputy Minister of Water and Energy of Afghanistan, attended by representatives of the Foreign Ministry of the two countries in Tehran.

The role of concrete industry in improving the infrastructure of the country's water sector.

Mohammad Haj Rasooliha said at the concrete and earthquake conference that the construction industry is directly linked to the country's underlying development, and its prosperity will always be boosted by other industries.

Iran now as one of the rich and developing countries in the region has seen a huge investment in the industry, including construction in the water sector including dams, water transfer tunnels, irrigation and drainage networks, refineries Water and sewage, water reservoirs and marine structures.

Iraq is ready to launch Iranian water and sewage projects.

Iraqi side announced the readiness of its country for the presence and activity of Iranian companies in the field of civil engineering and in particular the implementation of water and sewage projects and sweetening of water at the joint meeting of ministers of power and housing in Iran and Iraq.

Investigating ways to manage water crisis with the presence of experts from 15 countries

The domestic and foreign experts from 15 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa reviewed the ways to manage water crisis in Khorasan Razavi and the east of the country at the 8th G-WADI Asian Meeting and the 2nd International IDI Meeting

Establishment of a free trade zone between Iran and the countries of the Eurasian Union

The agreement was signed by the parties in April 2018 in Astana, Kazakhstan, with the aim of establishing free trade arrangements between Iran and Eurasia, and the urgent need to approve this agreement by the Minister of Energy as the head of the Commission on Iran-Russia Joint Economic and Business Cooperation Was on the agenda of the government.

Implementation of 31 large power plants in 27 provinces

31 large projects for the construction of a 19,000 megawatt power plant are underway.12 thousand megawatts of this figure are commissioned with a credit worth more than 60 thousand billion USD in the 12th government.

The installed capacity of the country has reached about 80,000 MW, while the country's population has tripled since the beginning of the revolution, but Iran's installed power capacity has increased by 11 times over the past four decades.

Energy Minister Highlights Level of Iran-Russia Mutual Understanding

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian stressed that Iran and Russia that are both facing Washington’s sanctions have a lot of common views and mutual understanding.

In remarks released on Sunday, Ardakanian referred to his recent trip to Russia and said it was made at the official invitation of the Russian energy minister to assess the grounds for closer cooperation in diverse economic areas.