Ministry of power

Operation of the first modulus of Karaj sewage treatment plant

The supplementary design of the first module of the collection network of Karaj sewage treatment plant was obtained by the presence of the Ministry of Energy's supervisor.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the second phase of the first module of the collection network of the Karaj wastewater treatment plant was launched today this Thursday, with the presence of the head of the Ministry of Energy, Sattar Mahmoudi.

Iran to rebuild Syrian power plants

“These contracts are for rebuilding electricity equipment, power plants, and electrical grid of Syria so that better services will be offered to Syrian subscribers,” said Iranian Acting Energy Minister Sattar Mahmoudi on Tuesday.

He made the remarks during the signing ceremony of new agreements between Iran’s Ministry of Energy and the Syrian Ministry of Electricity in Tehran.

Taking a plan to transfer the waste water from Khine Arab refinery to West of Mashhad

The project is being implemented in order to implement part of the West Azad Agricultural Wastewater Management Plan for supplying drinking water and the possibility of transferring effluent from the station to the places needed by consumers.

The Khine Arab sewage treatment plant has been in operation in the year 95 with a capacity of 83 thousand cubic meters per day.

Utilization of water and electricity industry projects during the current year's government week

Opening and operation of 2 gas stations,
  Over 4,000 Tavanir Distribution and Transmission Projects,
  17 large water supply plans and a solar power plant.

The mother company specializing in heat production is ready to open two units of the gas sector of the Sirjan combined cycle power plant, as well as two units of the gas sector of the combined cycle power plant of Samangan, with a credit of 271 million euro and a capacity of 648 MW at the same time as the government week.

Utilization of Ashtian sewage project in Markazi province

According to the Ministry of Energy, Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Company of Markazi Province,Engineer Abdolreza Khalili submitted a report about the  Ashtian sewage project and said:Ashtian Sewage project  has been implemented with a credit worth over 174 billion rials,Including construction of 15 thousand sewage treatment plant,two-stroke aeration lagoon method and the capacity to clean 3,000 cubic meters of sewage daily,executing more than 27 kilometers of collector, main network, transmission lines and sewage collection network and installing 1550 pieces of sewage split.

Iran’s Power Generation Capacity to Rise by 3,000 MW

Speaking at a ceremony to begin the construction of a power station in the southwestern city of Andimeshk in Khuzestan Province on Wednesday, Falahatian said the country’s power generation capacity is planned to increase.

Currently, the nominal capacity amounts to 77,000 MW, he said, adding that it would reach more than 80,000 MW by summer 2018.

Last month, with the coming into service of several new thermal units of power plants that can produce 110 MW of electricity, the country’s overall nominal capacity reached 76,947 MW.

Holding the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival for Intelligent Products and Services

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship  and smart product and service Festival is held  on, at the same time, the first international exhibition of smart products and services at the permanent exhibition of the Tehran Municipality Fair from 22 to 25 July.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship and smart product and service Festival  will be held by  the Development of Smart Network Technology for Water, Electricity and Energy Research Institute center at the same time holding an exhibition of smart products and service in the permanent place of the Tehran Municipal Exhibition.

India thinks highly of Iran’s energy sector

Iran and India possess an age-old history of cultural and trade ties though the trend has been limited to energy and agricultural sectors in the past 10 years due to sanctions imposed on Iran's nuclear program.

During tough years of sanctions, India was one of the few countries whose economic and trade relations with Iran persisted the main factor being culture as well as deepening of civilization ties.

3 New bilateral electricity sales contracts in the private sector

According to the news website of the Ministry of Energy,after the implementation of the fourth bilateral contracts at the beginning of May '96, another three contracts came into force at the beginning of June.

The fifth and sixth direct bilateral electricity sales contracts were closed  Sabalan Bargh Omid (Sabalan power plant) as seller and  Qeshm Zinc melting and revival Companies as buyer with a capacity of seven megawatts and Yazd Steel Plant with a capacity of 30 MW.

Operation of 36 large dams in the last four years

Minister of Energy at the opening ceremony of Givi Dam said :Coastal of the project is being implemented and our emphasis is for utilization,the proposed other dams studies in this area is ongoing, but should be consistent with environmental and social criteria.

The amount of enewable water was 130 billion cubic meters with 250 mm of rainfall ,15 years ago in our country but now this amount has fallen due to things like climate change of precipitation
in the range of 15 to 208 mm.