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Implementation of the second stage of the Clean Crusade in Tehran

According to the Ministry of Energy website :Engineer "HosseinSabouri" referring to the fact that the project is started since twenty-fifth of January in Tehran;with زoming of spring and the need for efforts in maintaining safety and symmetry Network,As well as improving urban furniture,reiterated;clean, qualified and  grid efficient of capital is the main objectives of the project;in order to provide sustainable electricity and improve the aesthetics based on urban furniture.

Thirty-eighth meeting of senior executives of the country's water industry to be To be held in Ahvaz

According to the Ministry of Energy website (Paven):

Planning of the Water and Power Organization of Khuzestan's Deputy ''Hamid Reza Esmaieli''said:the sixth development plan explaining and  96 budget and its approach in the water sector,analysis of strengths, weaknesses and Rehabilitation and balance plan's challenges,check of the Samab deployment and explain of the objectives and plans of the International drainage Conference is including of the holding gathering topics.

Tehran, Moscow Start Construction of Power Plant in South of Iran: Report

According to the report carried by Sputnik on Monday, Tehran and Moscow began the construction of the thermal power plant during a ceremony attended by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

The plant, with a capacity of 1.4 gigawatts (1.4 billion watts), will be built in the port city of Bandar Abbas in about five years.

The project is estimated at €1 billion ($1.12 billion) and will be financed through a Russian export loan. 

In early August 2016, Russia’s Technopromexport signed a deal with Iran to build the power plant.

Finland eager to boost energy, mining ties with Iran

Addressing a conference entitled ‘introduction to mining cooperation opportunities of Iran and Finland’, Director General Petri Peltonen as Head of the Innovation Department at Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy said he was accompanied by 10 good Finnish companies and research institutes adding “plenty of venues for activity and cooperation exist between Tehran and Helsinki since, geographically speaking, only Russia is situated between the two countries.”

Eng. Min. unveils largest solar plant

The power plant, constructed in a track of land with an area of 10 hectares is located in Hamedan-Saveh highway, 44km from Hamedan near Qirkhlar village. Dubbed Persian Gulf, 7-mW solar power plant had been financed totally by foreign investment of €8mn, Reza Teimouri Head of Hamedan Provincial Utilities Distribution Co.

Historical record was recorded in the electricity industry

Thirty-ninth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution celebrations will be held while ,  the thermal power generation ,specialized holding company is developing thermal power generation capacity and attract foreign investment with maximum power,at the moment.17 thousand MW power plant construction contract will take effect this year.The investment made in this project is about 38 trillion rials and it  has acted as a driving force behind the boom in other productive sectors and also it will assist countries in transition from recession after sanctions and achieve resistance economic  goals .Th

Iran, Syria Ink 5 Cooperation Agreements

The documents were signed during a ceremony held in Tehran on Tuesday attended by Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri and Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis.

According to one of the agreements, Damascus awarded a license to an Iranian mobile phone network operator to work in the Arab country.

The two countries will also cooperate in other areas, including agriculture, mining as well as oil and gas sectors.

Khamis arrived in Tehran on Tuesday morning at the head of a senior economic delegation.

Damascus Gets Credit Line for Imports from Iran: VP

Speaking at a joint press conference with Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis in Tehran on Tuesday, Jahangiri pointed to the five cooperation agreements signed between the two sides earlier in the day, saying that under the new conditions, the Iranian private sector and those companies that had worked in the Arab country can resume their activities.

“A credit line has been given to Syria so that (Iranian) merchants can export goods and services to Syria,” he added.

The five cooperation agreements were signed during a ceremony in Tehran attended by Jahangiri and Khamis.

Iran, Albania to extend ties: FM

Mr. Ditmir Bushati and Gholamhossein Shafei discussed the prospects of economic and trade ties. Mr. Bushati told the meeting that Albania welcomed holding joint commissions to address opportunities for both countries to expand trade; “my visit to Tehran addresses political and economic ties; both sides have meager information about the capacities for trade in the other side and officials should bring entrepreneurs from Iran and Albania to a common ground where they would discuss the hidden capacities abandoned unexhausted,” he said.

Power industry to invite huge tender

Houshang Falahatian, while stating that the average efficiency rate in the country’s power stations are expected to climb from the current 38 to over 40 per cent in the Sixth National Development Plan, said a competitive tender will be sought in near future for construction the steam section of gas power houses.

He highlighted that the tender aimed to elevate efficiency of existing power plants estimating that the efficiency for 18 thousand megawatts of capacity in gas power stations will rise from 33 to 48 per cent.