Ministry of power

Iran after joining European power grid: energy min.

“We are after using the opportunity to connect our power grid to the electricity grid of Europe through some of our neighbors,” said Reza Ardekanian, Iranian Energy Minister, on Monday.

He made the remarks while talking to the media representatives on the sidelines of a meeting of Iranian provincial governor-generals in Tehran.

“Currently, the Islamic Republic of Iran has the capacity to exchange energy with all of its neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Iraq,” he recounted.

Saving 398 million liters in water consumption by generating electricity from new energies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1250 thousand tons

According to the SATBA, about one billion and 811 million kWh of electricity from newly generated energy from July 88 to late December this year, saving 398 million liters of water consumption in the country; of which, the share of this month was 48 million kWh.

This amount of renewable energy production has managed to reduce about one million and 250 thousand tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which was about 33 thousand tons this year.

National Water Management Center is established in the country

Ardakanian said: Fees and allotments are calculated and released on the basis of normal yearly water; but, unfortunately, this year we were very dehydrated, as well as reduced fees.

The lack of reduction in the share of drinking water on the issue of rights is a double charge, thus reducing the consumption of water from other sectors, including agriculture.

Regrettably, due to the decrease in normal precipitation per year, and the lack of reduction in drinking water, unfortunately, the rights have not been allocated to the amount set.

700 MW of Clean Electricity to Be Added to Iran’s National Grid Soon: Official

Speaking to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Seyed Mohammad Sadeqzadeh said the number of power plants generating electricity from renewable resources such as wind and sun is growing in the country.

“Currently, clean energy production is one of the main strategies for achieving sustainable development in the world,” he noted.

The deputy minister further said that so far, power plants capable of producing 450 MW of renewable energy have been launched in various parts of Iran.

Iran Top Producer of Electricity in Region: Energy Minister

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Tehran on Monday, the energy minister said about 90 percent of power generation equipment, even complicated parts like turbines and generators, are currently manufactured inside the country.

He added that Iran’s capabilities in the area of power generation have developed over the past four decades so much that the country has become the top producer of electricity in the region.

“At present, we have energy exchanges with all the countries that share land borders with us,” he noted.

The need to invest in wastewater

68 percent of the population of the central province covered the sewage project

The Minister of Energy said that we should invest in wastewater and be used as a new source of water.

The Minister of Energy stated that with the reference to the opening of water supply projects simultaneously in central, Hamadan and Khorasan Razavi, Iran has spent the driest year in the last 50 years, and the rainfall in this quarter has been less than 20 percent since last year.

The European Union's 60 percent investment in Iran belongs to Germany

60% of the EU's investment in Iran comes from Germany now;  therefore, it can not be said that the two countries' business partnerships and exchanges are very good.

This is a great opportunity for the Ministry of Energy, which hosts A group of active and good German companies is investing in the MENA region; and we hope that this meeting will be the basis of bilateral cooperation between Iran and Germany.

The beginning of the eighteenth ceremony of the World Energy Foundation

The eighteenth World Energy Foundation ceremony began in the Hall of the Summit entitled "World Water Rally."

The Global Energy Foundation is active in six areas of water, soil, air, energy, sustainable social and sustainable projects, and it organizes its annual meetings in various countries around the world, focusing on the topics.

On the first day of this international event, it was praised for the top projects that have won first place in the welfare of the people in their country.

Two memorandums of cooperation were exchanged between Siemens and the Power Research Institute

These memoranda of exchange were exchanged with the subject of cooperation in the areas of research and development, investment and implementation of joint projects in the field of the electric power industry and the expansion of joint activities and partnerships, the development of international interactions, and the use of expertise and capacity of both sides.

13 transmission and distribution projects of Qazvin province have been put into operation

13 Electricity transmission and distribution projects of Qazvin province were launched with a credit of 423 billion and 253 million rials in a ceremony with the presence of Tavanir CEO.

Establishing eleven kilometers of street lighting and installation of 20 post air units in the urban area of Mehregan Mohammadieh in Alborz city of Qazvin was one of the open plans with the presence of Tavanir's CEO.