Localization of the production of a power plant in Shahid Abbaspour dam

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Thursday, October 18, 2018
100 billion Rials savings per unit of the power plant

A power plant for energy transmission was designed and localized by experts and domestic experts at Shahid Abbaspour Dam power plant after making fundamental changes to the initial structure and passing the technical tests.

The construction of the French part, which provides the connection between the shaft and the rotor's coil and provides electrical power transfer, saves 100 billion rials per unit of the power plant compared with it's external purchases.," Shahid Abbaspour Dam and Power Plant Manager".

This piece is designed and built for the first time in the country, and with the acquisition of this technology, the construction time has fallen from six months to two months compared with its purchase.

The reason for this project and the design of a localized flexible flexing device is the exhaust of the generator, the lack of high resistance to high current and the inability to repair and supply this piece in the prototype.

This piece of equipment should be capable of transmitting electrical energy at 15.7 kV over a current of 9220 amps, as well as the apparent dimensions of usability in the generators of the first power plant.

The operation of manufacturing the similar and native Flexible Generator was achieved successfully after the presentation and confirmation of its completely indigenous design in the company, starting with the ability of the domestic manufacturers, and the final piece after the tests and technical tests on several units of the first power plant Shahid Abbaspour Dam.

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