Launch of the 14th International Exhibition of Water and Wastewater Industries

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Thursday, October 4, 2018
Attended by 244 domestic and foreign companies;

244 domestic and foreign companies have participated in the International Water and Wastewater Exhibition, including 216 companies from the interior and 28 foreign companies.

This international event will be open for today for four days in an area of 21,000 square meters. During this period, the latest achievements of the water and sewage industry include pipelines and sewage systems, filtration, filtration and desalination systems, valves, automation systems, precision tools, Measuring equipment and laboratory equipment and industrial equipment is subject to the visibility of craftsmen and visitors.

Representatives from 12 foreign countries in this period include the countries of Italy, China, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece, America and France, and the countries of Germany, China, and Turkey.

The main goal of this exhibition is to reduce the state administration and to transfer specialized areas to the private sector in line with the government's special attention. It is aimed at exchanging new experiences and innovations and the presence of industry partners, in particular providing the ground for the presence of knowledge-based or emerging companies in the field of water industry It will be the turning point of the exhibition.

At the same time as the 14th International Water and Wastewater and Water and Wastewater Exhibition, an interactive workshop on "Specialized Journalism" will also be held. On the first day (Wednesday, October 3th), Water Resources Management Workshop in Iran will be held with the presence of Sedigheh Torabi, Director General of the Office of Planning for Water and Water Resources of the Ministry of Energy. In this workshop, the basic issues and concepts of water resources management in Iran, including water allocation, catchment areas, underground waters, etc. are well-developed and there is a space for dialogue between journalists and media actors in each sector.

Media workshop and consumer management are scheduled for the second day. The workshop will be attended by Banffsheh Zohraee, Director General of the Office of Management for Consumption and Water and Water Productivity Promotion of the Ministry of Energy, and topics discussed: Principles  of Management Urban water use, lifestyle, water literacy and its role in consumer management, social responsibility and water management, the role of the media in strengthening social responsibility and the role of the media in water management.

The third day of the water exhibition this year will witness the holding of a third workshop with the presence of Hedayat Fahmi, Deputy Director General of the Water and Water Planning Office, and on the topic of new concepts and approaches in water resource management. The workshop will be debated because of the pathology of water resource management, new approaches to water resources management and how to manage water.

The fourth and final day of the exhibition will coincide with the fourth workshop with the presence of Mohammad Fazeli, advisor to the Minister of Energy and the head of the Department of Energy and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Energy and Water, as well as media and media literacy issues, what is the literacy of the workshop, Literacy Water and environmental and media environment, and water literacy and confidence building are under consideration.
The 14th International Exhibition of Water, Wastewater and Wastewater will be open every day from 9am to 5pm.

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