The largest resilient economy plan of the water and electricity industry was opened in the northwest of the country

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Saturday, November 24, 2018
At the visit of the Minister of Energy to West Azerbaijan;

The project for the development of the operation of the Aras river was opened (the main network of irrigation and drainage of the reservoir lands of Qayqaj dam).

The reservoir of Qayqaj has been constructed with an annual regulatory volume of 22.8 million cubic meters, a main transmission line of 4,224 meters.

The irrigation and drainage network of this dam has been executed with a net area of 2,200 hectares, and a 10,000-square-meter water drainage colony.

Qayqaj dam is executed in two construction units with a plot area of 1,040 hectares.

The reservoir of Qayqaj has been constructed to use the right of the country from the border of Aras River to create employment, economic prosperity and tourism facilities in the deprived area of the southern margin of the Aras River through the implementation of diverse structures and located in the northwest of the province In the distance of about 25 km south-east of the border town of Poldasht

It is noted that the Minister of Energy visits this dam after the opening of the dam from the Karamabad dam and opens Maku Combined Cycle Power Plant.



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