Iraq is ready to launch Iranian water and sewage projects.

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Friday, December 28, 2018
The meeting emphasized the development of joint activities of the two sides.

Iraqi side announced the readiness of its country for the presence and activity of Iranian companies in the field of civil engineering and in particular the implementation of water and sewage projects and sweetening of water at the joint meeting of ministers of power and housing in Iran and Iraq.

"We have discussed and discussed with the Iraqi Minister on the expansion of relations and partnership of Iran's private sector in housing projects, especially the implementation of plans Water and sewage at this meeting,Reza Ardakaniyan, Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, after meeting with the Minister for Development, Housing and Urban Development of Bengin Raikani, said.

On this basis, the capabilities of the Islamic Republic and Iranian companies and their readiness to implement water and sewage projects as well as fresh water production were brought to the attention of the Iraqi official.

The Iraqi Minister of Housing and Urban Planning has been invited to visit Iran to get acquainted with the capabilities of the Islamic Republic in the relevant areas.

"Today's talks emphasize the expansion of relations, especially in the implementation of development projects in Iraq,"Bengin Raikani, Minister of Rehabilitation, Housing and Urban Development of Iraq".
  He said Iraq wants to use the technology and capabilities of Iranian companies to implement water and sewage projects.

"We are in agreement on the continuation and expansion of our joint cooperation, and we also discussed the implementation, development and use of shared water resources between the two countries," Rickani added.Minister of Housing and Urbanism said that there is a need for more coordination and consultation.
Rickany added: "We are discussing Iranian companies and their financial claims on behalf of Iraq and solving the problems, and we are trying to solve it.
He said the two sides emphasized the continuation and development of cooperation and joint work.


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