Iranian contractor won the Water tender of Nigeria

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Thursday, December 1, 2016
An Iranian contractor company won the tender of water supply project in Nigeria in competition with 100 international contractors.

  CEO of Mahab Ghods consulting firm , Naser Tarkeshdouz said: In the first stage of the tender Mahab Ghods competed with 100 major international companies, Iran was one of the short list of eight companies of bidding , in the second stage, and finally by studying computing and required information of this plan  was won the final stage. In the final short list ,companies attended from America, Britain, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, France, Egypt, Tunisia and several companies of Nigeria .He said: Islamic Development Bank is financing the project's, the project will be implemented over two years and Mahab  Ghods company, in addition, the design also has the task of overseeing implementation. He added : The exchange of technology from the design and implementation of the plan  is at least six to seven million dollars, over the next two years, that is expandable with increasing duration. He said the plan to transfer water from a distance of about 40 to 50 kilometers and stored the vessels that will be built for the same purpose , for large regional water supply is called Oson.

He said one of the most important achievements of this project, is the possibility of the presence of Iranian advisors in the implementation of the plan. He said: Mahab Ghods Company was  selected as a major exporter of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade ,this year and this is the first time that consulting firms are selected as a major exporter.

Mahab Ghods company has participated in 50 tenders in 28 countries and has been successful in bidding 30, there are currently 15 projects underway, including,designing seven dams in Oman, that it's administrative process to be followed. He added: at this plan, water transferring of a water basin to another basin via using a height difference of about 500 meters, electricity will be produced. He added: In this scheme, a shaft to a height of 500 meters will be built, that is unrivaled in the world that the consultant and supervisor of plan is Mahab and also Farab Company is the contractor. Tarkeshdouz ( about dam and hydroelectric power plant that the company "San Hydro" China has won Sri Lanka )said: Sri Lankan Government in this project has chosen Mahab as consulting engineers and quality monitoring plan. He pointed to the company's activity 35 years after the Islamic Revolution added: Mahab has about 2 thousand projects, mainly in the field of utilities, dams, hydroelectric power development, water supply and drainage schemes, irrigation and drainage and water integrated studies. He said: Karun Dam3 is the biggest project that the company has in the country and he added, the International Commission for the dam construction, and Engineers Association of America and China, was chosen the Mahab Ghods Company as the best builder of the dam in 30 years, more recently .The company is present in the tender of Tarbela Dam in Pakistan that the World Bank has agreed to finance it. It is the largest dam in the world in terms of volume tank with a capacity of 40 billion cubic meters .The world's top five groups of companies have participated in this tender, Mahab Ghods Company is presented, also from Iran which was ranked in third rank of second stage. He said: The world's tallest earthen dam is to be built in India, and it's engineering consulting firm is Hatch of Canada, the company also invited Mahab as a consultant engineer.  He said: "Russ Hydro" Russia Company won several large dam and power plant in China, also has been invited, Mahab as a consultant and layout designer.

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