Invention of Laboratory of Kordestan Water and Wastewater Company

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Extraction of THMs from water using a liquid extraction technique - liquid with a solvent lighter than water and measured by gas chromatography

Shahu Habibi, owner of the invention, pointed out that the invention lasted three months, saying that the invention was registered at the Intellectual Property Center of Iranian patents.

In this innovation, the liquid-liquid extraction method is used with a solvent lighter than water to extract four THMs compounds in drinking water.

The chlorination process is used to disinfect drinking water, which results in water chlorination of 4 chemical compositions in water. To quantitatively and quantitatively measure THMs, these compounds should be extracted from water and then analyzed by a gas chromatography machine.

The problem with the extraction of these compounds is that there should be a purge and trap device or a head space device in the analysis centers to carry out extraction with one of these devices, and in centers that lack these devices, The extraction operation can not be performed, and therefore the measurement of these compounds is not done.

In this innovative method, using liquid-liquid micro-extraction, the extraction procedure is carried out with an organic solvent of 200 μl, and this method is fast, inexpensive and simple, and other centers do not need the referred devices and are saved and also saves money and time.

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