Introducing the Third Electrifying Innovations Festival

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
The status of Iran is the honor of the world's electricity distribution industry.

Iran is now at a position that can present valuable articles at top international conferences and be among the world's best.Iran is now a member of the CIRED International Conference .

In the world, only the United States, China and Iran are the non-European permanent members of the conference and are therefore honored for the country.

The conference is held in a country for two years, articles from Iranian experts and scholars will be accepted. In each period, even in the years of Iran, it has received the largest number of articles.

A total of 157 works were sent to the secretariat after the publication of the review book, which ultimately comprised 53 of the seven journals.

Finally, 15 works were ranked first to third, and in two respects, the Jury did not have any work worthy of recognition.Five conferences ranked first in the conference, which was held in the Persian Gulf Hall of Power Research.

These five designs included "Design and construction of a power output capacity of 20kV nominal power to reduce losses in distribution networks (Distribution Company of Ardabil Province)", "Design and manufacture of intelligent power distribution box with remote control capability. (Southern Distribution Company of Kerman) "," Use of the Harness belt for the sinking and landing in power distribution networks (central province) "," Flexible aerial pressure network (Guilan province) "and" Gas (Semnan Province) ".

The five projects were also ranked second, with the following plans: "Designing a method for designing or installing 20kV equipment on silent land posts (Zanjan province)", "Integrated software design for the management of test cases Smart Company and Launching a Faham Planning Monitoring Center (Mashhad City) "," Designing and Implementing the Sensor Field Detection Sensor (South of Kerman Province) "," Designing and Designing the Intelligent Highway Lighting System (Great Tehran) "and" Launching a New System Supervision of Processes (Isfahan City) ".
The innovation festival of electricity distribution companies also gave third place to five projects that included these projects.
  "Interpretation of the optical oil spectral response results for evaluation of distribution transformers (East Azarbaijan Province),"
"Control and monitoring device for 20 kV lines (Semnan province),
  "Preparation of soil specific resistance atlas of Fars province and simulation of suitable plans for land connection in different regions (Fars Province)",
  "Maber Silent Disposal Using Independent Electric Vehicle (Semnan Province)",
And "Distribution Legal Information System (Isfahan Province)"

650 articles have been submitted to the Secretariat of the Conference of Sirdar, which received 176 articles. Therefore, at this two-day conference, it is planned to present 132 articles in the form of posters and 44 articles in oral form.

These papers have been sent to the secretariat of the conference in the areas of network equipment, power quality, operation, control, distributed energy sources and consumption optimization (reduction of losses), network planning and development, and economic issues in the distribution, restructuring and electricity market .

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