International Center for Managing Network Management Training (IGMC-ITC

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Thursday, October 4, 2018
According to the company's managing power network, the deputy director of the country's electricity grid,

Mustafa Rajabi Mashhadi, Deputy Director of the Power Grid Network of the country, announced the start of the International Center for Management Training in the fall of this year.

The International Network Management Training Center (IGMC-ITC) will conduct a training center at the National Grid Control Support Center, formally in Zanjan with the presence of senior officials from the Ministry of Energy.

Power supply with stable security, maintenance of expensive equipment of the power grid, optimal utilization of the sources of production, and transmission and retrieval of the network in the conditions of collapse are the most important missions of the Iranian Power Network Management Company. The realization of this work depends on the use of experts and expert experts and The technical know-how of the day is at all levels of operation of the power grid.

Mastering the new technologies of operation and control of the international network, continuing education and transfer of experience using the most up-to-date educational systems, obtaining a certificate of professional competence in exploiting and moving information and updating knowledge and skills in the field of electrical network management of cases Which requires that all electricity utility users continuously benefit from it.

The International Network Management Training Center (IGMC-ITC) has been established at the National Grid Management Support Center with the aim of establishing a training network for electric power network management with a comprehensive knowledge-based experience and focusing on network-based training the power.

The theoretical and practical courses related to the power grid management area as well as the certification of the operational competence of the center at all levels are on the agenda.

Considering the rapid advancement of technology, the ongoing communication with the world-renowned research and industrial scientific and research centers and the continuous upgrading of modern knowledge, is the mission of the International Center for International Education Management (IGMC-ITC).

Considering the prospect of developing a training center at the national and international levels and creating a training platform for the network, objectives and programs such as the focus of providing international training on exploiting, controlling and retrieving the network at national and regional levels, establishing a system of professional qualification certificates and issuing A certificate for the operation of the nationwide power grid, the authority of the network guidance education based on the network simulator systems and the establishment of a unified procedure for conducting driving training in the electricity grid.

  • آغاز فعالیت مرکز بین‌المللی آموزش‌های تخصصی مدیریت شبکه (IGMC-ITC)  ​آغاز فعالیت مرکز بین‌المللی آموزش‌های تخصصی مدیریت شبکه (IGMC-ITC)  ​آغاز فعالیت مرکز بین‌المللی آموزش‌های تخصصی مدیریت شبکه (IGMC-ITC)
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