Innovations of 2 Companies in Iran Water Industry

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Friday, January 11, 2019
Iranian companies have won top titles at the American Association and Korea Festival.

Become the Top Employer for the American Concrete Association

The Board of Directors of the American Concrete Association (ACI) of Iran Branch and the Center for Concrete Research of Iran has introduced the Sistan and Baluchestan Regional Water Company for the construction of the Coroatsat City Municipality, a subsidiary of the Top Employee.

The International Anti-Factor Association (ACI) annual anniversary donation ceremony was donated to Engineer Atabak Jafari, CEO of Sistan and Baluchestan Regional Water Company.

Successful inventors of the Khuzestan Water and Wastewater Industry at the South Korean Bixpo Festival

Dr. Sadegh Haghighipour, Managing Director of  Khoozestan W&W Co. with the presence of other elite figures of Khouzestan in the Abfa Khouzestan industry, won the silver medal of Bixpo Festival from South Korea.

We started our studies two years ago and this is the newest disinfection system in the world that combines ozonation methods, free uv and electrolysis methods, each of them as a separate method for water purification. Designed and constructed, its energy is supplied by solar panels.

For the first time on this device, the simultaneous use of these methods is provided in a mobile system.

The ability to produce this device produces 10 to 20 ppm of high quality drinking water when using well water or river water at a rate of 10 liters per minute with TDS.

The Bixpo Festival is the world's largest energy industry innovation forum, sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the International Federation of Inventors.The largest Water and Power Industry Companies offer their latest innovations and technologies.

Participants of the Khuzestan water and power industry elite included Dr. Sadegh Haghighipour Modir, Khuzestan water and sewage company engineer, Sharififard and engineer Arash Taheri, who were able to honor the country for Iran and the province of Khuzestan.

The festival was attended by 680 companies from 60 countries, with a disinfection and microbial decontamination project from Iran, which won the second prize in international patents with 54 of the top 40 projects, and won the medal Silver.


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