Implementation of 31 large power plants in 27 provinces

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Thursday, December 6, 2018
Iran's installed power capacity has increased 11 times

31 large projects for the construction of a 19,000 megawatt power plant are underway.12 thousand megawatts of this figure are commissioned with a credit worth more than 60 thousand billion USD in the 12th government.

The installed capacity of the country has reached about 80,000 MW, while the country's population has tripled since the beginning of the revolution, but Iran's installed power capacity has increased by 11 times over the past four decades.

The value of the investment of these projects from the sources of the private sector as well as the internal resources of the Ministry of Energy is over 100 thousand billion USD, of which 60 trillion tomans of this amount relate to power plants that enter the circuit in the twelfth government.

There are currently no electricity-free villages in Semnan province.While the country's average power in the production sector is about 50%, this ratio reaches 70% in Semnan province. Also, the loss of the power grid in the province, which is an inevitable phenomenon, reaches about 8 percent, and this is in line with international standards.

The losses of the country's electricity grid in the eleventh and twelfth governments have decreased by four percent, with each one saving a loss of 5 trillion tomans.

More than 50 projects with a credit of over one thousand billion in various sectors of water, electricity, water and sewage are in progress. During the visit of the president to the province of Semnan, the operation will be started on 10 projects, especially in the electricity sector, including two 160 MW steam units in Shahrood and Semnan.

For these two units the credit is considered to be two thousand and 800 billion Toumans. Also, for the implementation of other projects in the electricity sector, such as the beginning of the operation of the substations and various lines of electricity, credit is expected to exceed 11 billion T.

Approximately 3,000,000 T of the Ministry of Energy project will be opened or opened. In the water sector, a water supply project was implemented in the Shahroud Abar and Kalpoosh villages with all environmental considerations.

Initiation of the operation of the long-term Sorkheh water supply plan for the next 30 years. This area is also part of the travel plans to Semnan province. This project will begin with the provision of necessary financial resources soon and in the coming weeks, and we hope that by completing this plan, by the summer of 1999, the people of Sorkheh will enjoy quality, reliable and sustainable drinking water.



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