Exports of more than 45 percent to Iraq by Western Regional Electricity Co.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Electricity exports to Iraq began in 2004.

Electricity exports to Iraq began in 2004.

Due to the fact that it is not possible to store energy from the power plants and the lack of use of this energy in the non-peak cycle would damage the network equipment, therefore, the export of electricity to Iraq is cost effective and an exceptional opportunity for the province and of the country.

Electricity exports continued with more reliability through the three transmission lines to the Iraqi network, with the company's day-to-day efforts and the development of the necessary infrastructure.


The company is responsible for providing electrical energy from the power plant and delivering it to distribution companies at the transmission level in three provinces of Kermanshah, Kurdistan and Ilam in an area of 74,000 square kilometers and a population of over four million and two hundred thousand people.

Today, the length of the West Electric Networks is 8341 km2, transmission and over-distribution, 117 transmission and over-transmission stations with a capacity of 11 thousand and one hundred and eighty-five megawatts, and the capacity of producing power plants installed in the West Electricity Zone is 3264 MW.

The capacity of the installed power plants in the area under the supervision of the company is 3264 MW, of which 1,1624 MW in Kermanshah province and 2.4% of the installed capacity of the entire country.

We have 1624 MW of power generation capacity in Kermanshah province, while our consumption, including electricity exports to Iraq, is 1,400 megawatts, which is among the leading companies in the country.

There are very good investments in the provincial and district levels in relation to the construction of power plants, and now there are twelve power plants, including hydroelectric, gas and hydro power plants in the western power sector.

Four power plants in Harsin, Marivan, Qasr-e-Shirin and Islamabad provinces of the West with a physical advance of about 40% are underway and, with the support of the banks, will complete these projects and will be of great help in generating clean energy in the region.

Engineer Asadi invited investors to enter the dispersed production of CHP and solar panels, adding that studies have been carried out on the sites identified for the construction of these power plants, and sunlight, sunlight, and voltage drop points using companies Iranian and foreign consultant.

The company is ready to conclude an energy security purchase contract with investors based on the Ministry of Energy's notification rates, generating energy from these plants from a kilowatt to any amount they produce.

The peak load in the western power is 1839 MW, and 840 MW is from Kermanshah province. The capacity of the transmission points at the Western Regional Electric Company is 11,700 and 80 MW, which is 5656 MW in Kermanshah province.The length of transmission and super-distribution lines is eight hundred and forty one and a half kilometers. The length of transmission and over transmission lines in Kermanshah province is 3363 km.

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