Exploiting other abstract projects during the Fajr decade

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Friday, February 9, 2018
In the urban and rural water and wastewater companies

Four large water supply projects opened in Kerman province As the President's visit to Kerman province in the presence of the Minister of Power.

Managing director of Kerman Province Water and Wastewater Company: The water supply project to Roodbar has been opened, with a credit worth 130 billion rials.

The water supply project to the Azadegan town of Kahnouj was opened with a credit of over 55 billion rials.

The water supply project was launched by the Minister of Energy with a repayment of over 60 billion riyals.

The operation of the water supply project in Behriman City was carried out with a credit of over 50 billion rials.

According to the Public Relations and Public Education Department of Maragheh Water and Wastewater Company, three important projects of Maraqeh Water and Wastewater Co. came into operation with the presence of deputy governor and special governor of Maragheh and other officials.

Shaghayegh District Sewage Collection Network Projects, Sahand Town Sewage Collection Network; Loghman Rehabilitation Network and Sewage Networks were exploited on the third day of the  Fajr decade.

Managing Director of Maraghe Water and Wastewater Company, engineer Saddiqi said : The Sewage network of Shaghayegh neighborhood project was completed within 12 months with a credit of 9 billion rials and a length of 1,800 meters with the efforts of the partners and the project contractor whose population is covered by the waste collection network of about 150 households.

The sewage collection network of Sahand Township came into operation and accrued 14 billion riyals, and about 170 households will benefit from the sewage collection network.

The opening of the network and branching of the wastewater system of Loghman Rehabilitation Center was carried out at a cost of 2.7 billion riyals.

Managing director of Water and Wastewater Company of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province announced the opening of six water supply projects in Yasuj.

Yasuj Water Distribution Network Modification Projects, Yasouj City Water Network Development, and Mahmoud Abad Water Transportation Route,Mourdraz water pipeline projects,

Kenare displacement of water pipelines and implementation of 18 km sewage collection network are from other exploited projects.

The total amount of credit spent on the completion and operation of this project number is 160 billion rials and is provided from provincial credits.

According to the Public Relations Department of Khorasan Razavi Rural Water and Wastewater Company, four water supply projects have been put into operation in Torqabeh and Shandiz.

These projects include the transfer of water supply project to the city of Torqabeh, water supply, and sewerage water supply line Mehr, water supply and equipping of well No. 6 and implementation of Shandiz transmission line, with a credit of 18 billion riyals.

The capacity of water transmission to the city increased from 150 liters per second to 180 liters with the opening of the transmission line of Torghabeh.

The manager of Shiraz Water and Wastewater Company said: Shiraz Wastewater Treatment Plant No.2 selected as the selected plan and won the world environmental award in the eighteenth World Energy Foundation ceremony.

The purpose of the ceremony is to recognize the projects that "considerably and cost-effective use of resources and the use of alternative energy sources".

The winners of the environmental award (known as the Environmental Oscars) are selected by a panel of members of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the World Bank and the Council on Renewable Energy Europe.

Shiraz Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 2 has one of the most up-to-date wastewater treatment technologies.It is equipped with the latest technology in the world and can supply about 70% of its electricity.

The wastewater of this refinery will be of high quality and will be suitable for agricultural and industrial sectors. Due to the severely dehydrated conditions, it can be used to irrigate the green space from the wastewater of this refinery.

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