Energy Minister Highlights Level of Iran-Russia Mutual Understanding

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Iran and Russia have a lot of common views and mutual understanding.

Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian stressed that Iran and Russia that are both facing Washington’s sanctions have a lot of common views and mutual understanding.

In remarks released on Sunday, Ardakanian referred to his recent trip to Russia and said it was made at the official invitation of the Russian energy minister to assess the grounds for closer cooperation in diverse economic areas.

He further pointed to his meetings with top economic officials in Russia, including Chairman of the Eurasian Commission Tigran Sargsyan, and said, “There is a high level of mutual understating and common views between Iran and Russia.”     

“While the Islamic Republic of Iran faces the US sanctions and Russia is also subject to them in some ways, these embargoes have provided a unique opportunity for ... natural and human resources to flourish (through the two countries’ cooperation),” he added. 

Ardakanian, as the Iranian co-chair of Russian-Iranian cooperation commission, traveled to Moscow on Wednesday for talks with his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak to follow up the agreements made during the 14th meeting of the commission, and make required preparations for its next meeting in Tehran.

The Iranian minister was accompanied by a ten-member delegation comprising government officials and representatives from the private sector.

During the 14th meeting of the commission, which was held in Moscow in March, the two sides signed 14 Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) on cooperation in the fields of electricity, nuclear energy, transportation, industry, trade, customs, and banking transactions.

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