Construction of three wastewater treatment plants in Hormozgan province and management of pressure in Bandar Abbas water distribution network

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Hormozgan Water and Wastewater Company

Deputy Director of Hormozgan Abacavir Engineering and Development Center announced the construction of three wastewater treatment plants in Minab, Jask and Bandar Abbas towns (Prophet of Azam).

Improvement and development of 158.3 km of the water distribution network of the provincial cities in the past year and this year, we will carry out a 110-kilometer development and reconstruction project with the republic's 177 billion rials.

Also, the operation of pumping station No. 6 of Bandar Abbas (Prophet's city), 21.6 km of network development and 1.3 km of sewage network reform has been implemented. In the sewage sector, 25 km of sewage network with a credit of 167 billion rials is expected to be implemented this year.

Currently, we are implementing a sewage treatment plant for the Prophet of Azam, Minab, and Jask, with a total capacity of 27,000 595 cubic meters per day and reconstruction of Bandar Abbas sewage treatment plant.

It is expected to be exploited Minab wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 15,000 and 240 cubic meters a day by the end of this year with the allocation of one hundred and fifty billion rials of credit in 1997.

The first phase of the Rhodan sewage project was launched last year including a refinery, a transmission line of 3.7 km long and a main and minor network of 30.8 km.

In the construction of water storage tanks, 14 reservoirs are being constructed in Bandar Abbas, Bandarlaneh, Bashgard, Sirik, Finn, Thakht, Faramarzan, Hormoz and Minab cities in a total of 63 thousand cubic meters.

Three reservoirs have also been exploited in the cities of Abu Musa, Dargahan and Kahtooyeh with a volume of 6,000 m 3 and the Central Astana central water pumping station during the past year.

5 bottom trench rings and 4 wells are digging and equipping which also the digging and equipping of 4 other wells is underway.



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