The cheapest way to generate electricity in Iran

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Monday, December 26, 2016
Calculations show that coal-fired power plants produce cheaper electricity than thermal power plants in the country ,however there is no place in the country's portfolio electricity.

One of the most important selection criteria for producing electricity is the price of electricity, that the economic feasibility of power plant construction.Power aligned Price Index or LCOE is one of the ways to calculate the cost of power plant. In this way all electricity production costs  will be counted; contains,investment cost costs for plant construction,fuel costs and maintenance costs per unit of produced -electricity.

Calculations show ,the discount rate 10%, the cost of justified electricity of coal-fired plants is  3.1 and 3.5 cent per kWh by using domestic and imported coal .In this calculation domestic coal prices is $ 35 per ton, according to studies and it's intended cheaper than the price of imported coal;because according to the transportation of coal by rail,the cost per tonne of coal which is transferred from Tabas to Bandar Abbas  is cheaper than Persian Gulf FOB price of coal;also,the thermal coal mines of country have a lower cost compared to imported coal,but the mines have remained unused due to lack of coal-fired plants in the country so far.

With regard to gas prices by 20 cents per cubic meter, the cost of generated electricity from gas power plants, combined cycle and heaters  is obtained ,sections 7.2 and 4.7 and 7.1 cent per kilowatt-hour .In other words,by comparing the price of electricity supplied by coal-fired power plants with power plants is result the price of  generated electricity by coal-fired plants is cheaper than the thermal current power plants.Cost of electricity is seem much cheaper  than gas stations ,but because Energy Ministry didn't  pay the cost of consumed gas of the power plants. Accordimg to the current situation,thermal coal resources in the country and the presence of established companies in the field of power plants in the country,moving towards the use of coal in electricity can be a practical step in the correct use of valuable resources such as natural gas consumption of power plants with more added value.

According to Bargh News

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