The achievement of seawater de-icing technology has been localized in the country

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Thursday, October 11, 2018
This method can be implemented in the cities and villages of the southern margin

The technical deputy of a water desalination company said: "By acquiring seawater dewatering technology by shafts and galleries and refining it based on domestic capacity, the ability to deliver fresh water to a desalinist plant with a minimum water purity of 5 units ( NTU

Ali Madrasi, deputy director of the company Djehub and Fargo Bana on the sidelines of the 14th International Water Industry Fair, said that the technology allows for the provision of clean water from the sea to 500 liters per second, adding that the company, which has been using clearing technology since last year, Seaworthy seaworthy has been able to launch and exploit the project of Bandar Kargan desalination in Hormozgan province.

Previously, European and American countries had the technology of implementing seawater dewatering projects using shafts and galleries, according to the technical deputy of the company Dejab and Farbal Bana, the company has been the first and only Iranian company since last year. Achieving the above-mentioned approach makes the technology native.

This method can be implemented in all cities and villages in the Gulf and the Oman Sea. In this method, the cost of constructing a shaft ring with a capacity of 80 to 120 liters per second, according to the geographical location of 15 to 20 billion rials, is estimated to cost 80% compared to foreign companies and other domestic methods.

He also stated that the company is capable of installing gravity sewage pumping stations using urban constructions, and said: "In this technology, which is only available by our company in the country, the construction of sewage pumping stations in urban environments There is a danger of shaking, up to a depth of 30 meters without damage to residential houses and urban facilities.
In this technology, all the risks, including loss and destruction, have been eliminated and the runtime has been halved in comparison with other methods.


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