Production of one billion and 204 million and 578 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy at the Neka power plant

Out of this amount of production, one billion 155 million and 566 thousand kilowatt-hours of pure energy were delivered to the national electricity grid.

This month, 76% of the energy produced was generated in boiler units and 24% in combined cycle units, as well as the share of gas in total energy production was 82 and the share of Mazut 18%.

About 29% of the plant's energy commitment was contracted in the first four months of this year.

Zanjan sewage project is implemented using the private sector capacity with credibility of 1100 billion rials

Water is now available to people at 40% of the cost, which has led to waste of water in the drinking and industrial sector.

Only 6% of the country's consumption is related to drinking and industry and 94% of water consumption, in the agricultural sector with the continuation of the current situation, we will face a water crisis.

Marin Tafresh Rural Water Supply Complex Opened by the President of Iran's Board of Directors

Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Company of Markazi Province:The executive operation of 31 Rural Water Supply Complex has started in the past years from the National Development Fund in Markazi Province .

The executive operation of the 16 water supply complex has been operated, including 85 villages with a population of 40,757 since 1395.

42 villages are being watered out with the opening of the national water project and the inland lines of 17 villages have been modified ,now.

Opening of the 24-billionth West-Electricity Network project in the government week

The company is responsible for providing services to 1182839 subscribers with 2817 electricity streets, 14935 km of 20 kV networks and 11878 km of 400 volts.

Construction of a wind power plant in the Miane

The project is implemented with an additional credit of 2,500 billion rials in the department store of the city.

He said, according to studies , the permanent winds in the area make it possible to build a wind farm.

The first stage of land acquisition has been completed for the construction of the plant and the second phase is under way.

He noted that the company will build 20 mast in the region,which can supply the whole of the Miane city and  also,cause employment in the region.

The governor announced that the time needed to implement the plan was 2 years.

Iran to hold 10th intl. Nano Festival in Oct.

This year’s festival will be held from October 6 to 9, 2017, at Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

Nanotechnology International Festival is held annually by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, and it is the largest and most credible domestic exhibition in the field of nanotechnology, and is considered as the second largest nanotechnology festival in Asia.

Tehran, Rome to launch utility coop.

Hamidreza Tashayoei, Head of Export Promotion and Logistics at the Iranian Ministry of Energy, made the remarks at a meeting with Italy’s economy attaché to Tehran Carmelo Ficarra in Tehran.

The Iranian side described Italy as an outstanding country who has held constructive cooperation with Iran following implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Iran exports $6mn of agricultural machinery in 3 months

Head of Iran's Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Mojtaba Khosrowtaj emphasized the important role of development in the country’s machinery industry stating “over 90% of the country’s demands in the sector are supplied by domestic companies as the country’s dependence on imports is lower than 10 per cent.”

The official said in the first three months of the present year, 38 million dollars of machinery products were exported to international markets six million dollars of which belonged to agricultural machinery.

Iran's frequency range is closer to the global standard.

Chitchian said:Water and electricity is one of the most valuable blessings of the vital infrastructure of the country, which is the growth of agricultural, economic and productive and service sectors, is depend on it.

Referring to the relative decline in the amount of power outage in recent years, he said: With the effort of the power industry complex, the shutdown rate has fallen from 3 minutes to 2.6 minutes, per subscriber overnight.

Design and manufacture of 230 kV blades of sectionners(Disconnect Switch) in Western Regional Power Company

The 230kV SiCs are of a chami type dating back over 25 years.They have high resistance and thermogenesis in high currents,due to burnout and longevity,at the junction of connectors finger and blade.

He added:Blades have been analyzed and made with  suitabe quality and prevented from switching them to avoid full replacement of these Scythians.

6000 km of sewage network in Tehran province

Mohammad Parvaresh at the opening of the first phase of the Islamshahr wastewater treatment plant,stated:We have deployed around 10 wastewater treatment plants today.

Mamlou water treatment plant started in the last four years, it has been commissioned about 6000 km with a credit of 6000 billion Tooman.We collected sewage from Islamshahr, Vavan and surrounding towns today.

"If we can fund, we will not have a sewage problem until the end of the twelfth government in Tehran," he said.

Iran Starts Building Mideast’s Largest Solar Farm

Construction of the major power plant kicked off in an area between the cities of Kerman and Bam, in a ceremony attended by Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian.

The project requires an investment of $140 million for building the 100-megawatt (MW) solar power plant.

In April, Iran launched its biggest solar plant near the central city of Isfahan. The project, which took seven months to be completed, had been constructed jointly by Iran’s Ghadir Electricity and Energy Company and Greece’s Metka engineering firm.

53 compressor stations of Water and Sewage Area One in Tehran equipped with a solar panel

53 compressor stations of Water and Sewage Area One in Tehran equipped with a solar panel with power generation capability.

Head of the Department of Energy and Remote Sensing Systems of District 1,Rouhollah Khodakaram, said:The program will be implemented by installing two solar panel units capable of producing 50 to 70 watts of power for each of the  compressor stations.

He continued: 70 watt solar panels will be used for those  compressors that are located among high-rise buildings or places where sunlight is less.

Daryan Hydroelectric Power Plant will be exploited in the next two months

Hamid Chitchian,at a meeting of the administrative council of Kermanshah province, with the theme of resistance economy in the governorate, stated:To access these water sources, one or two damages must be implemented and then we pump about 1000 m high to get this water available in Kermanshah,for cold water sources.

In order to supply the water industry, we need to sweeten the water along the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea and transfer about 1500 to 2000 kilometers of water in some parts of the country.

Iran’s Power Generation Capacity Tops 77,000 MW

Falahatian said over the past year, the country’s power generation capacity has increased by about 2,000 MW.

With the coming into service of three gas units of the Sarakhs power plant in the northeastern city of Sarakhs that can totally produce 75 MW of electricity and the Amir Abad natural gas-fueled power plant, the country’s overall nominal capacity reached 77,068 MW.

Placing project on the implementation of transmission lines and distribution network of water, Construction of the site and reservoir of 500 m 3 in the water supply complex of Hanzam and Zirdan

According to the Public Relations and Public Education Department of Rural Water and Wastewater Company of the province, CEO Engineer Abdul Ahad Reiki  said: the project is included,construction of a 500-cubic meter reservoir tank and building a pumping station boat,construction of lateral buildings and wellheads,implementation of transmission lines and distribution network of 27 km long.

The credibility of this project is 35 billion and Rls.  Five villages will benefit from the health and clean drinking water with finishing this project .

The country's largest solar power plant will be constructed.

Hamid Chit Chian "This project initiated a major leap in energy production.He stated the goals of pursuing the creation of renewable projects in the country is included,  the importance of environmental protection, the availability of construction of these types of power plants for most parts of the country and the need for transmission and distribution lines and job creation.

Utilization of Ashtian sewage project in Markazi province

According to the Ministry of Energy, Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Company of Markazi Province,Engineer Abdolreza Khalili submitted a report about the  Ashtian sewage project and said:Ashtian Sewage project  has been implemented with a credit worth over 174 billion rials,Including construction of 15 thousand sewage treatment plant,two-stroke aeration lagoon method and the capacity to clean 3,000 cubic meters of sewage daily,executing more than 27 kilometers of collector, main network, transmission lines and sewage collection network and installing 1550 pieces of sewage split.

Yazd province as the forerunner of the solar power industry in the country

Deputy Minister of Power,Sattar Mahmoudi:These projects include, in addition to the economic benefits for the private sector, national interests.The project is in line with the objectives of the resistance economy;With the policies of the eleventh government and the ongoing debate, we have provided situation for the participation of foreign investors as we can have partnerships and exchanges of good energy technology.

Operation of the Water Transfer Project to Nadoushan, with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Power, formally

Managing Director of Water and Wastewater Company of Yazd Province said:Operation of the water pipeline to Nodoushan has been carried out at a length of 54 km and with a credit of over 150 billion rials in 5 pieces.

This transmission line is equipped with four water pumping stations,that station number one with 3 pumps and the stations numbered two, three and four each, with two pumps which in total have the ability to pour 10 liters per second of water, into their tanks above their own hands.