Holding the 13th International Water Industry Exhibition with the presence of 363 domestic and foreign companies

The 13th Water and Wastewater Exhibition will be held from 24th to 27th of October this year,the 9 exhibition halls in an area of over 30,000 square meters with 12,000 square meters of indoor indoor and 1740 square meters of indoor and outdoor indoor and outdoor space at the international exhibition venues of Tehran, with 258 domestic companies and 105 foreign companies.

Operation of a 100 MW wind power plant by the end of this year

At the 5th Iranian Wind Energy Conference

Deputy Minister of Energy and Head of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SATBA):Currently, there are a number of turbines running in the Siahpoush and Aqkand areas and the project of wind power in these areas.

About 100 megawatts of wind turbines will be installed in the Black Sea region and Aqkand until the end of this year.

Exploitation of Baharan 2.4 MW Distribution Power Plant in Hegmatan of Hamedan Province

With the aim of providing part of the electric power required by the subscribers of the area with 3 units of 1.4 MW.

Engineer Alireza Sheikhi, Chief Executive Officer of Dispersal Production and New Energy said: In line with the goals set for the development of renewable power plants and distributed generation, Bakhtar regional electricity is planning to produce more than 600 megawatts of electrical energy in Hamedan province through these power plants.

New nanomaterial can extract hydrogen fuel from seawater

A new hybrid nanomaterial harvests solar energy and uses it to extract hydrogen from seawater, cheaply and efficiently. Future commercialization could mean a new source of environmentally friendly fuel and less dependence on fossil fuels

Achievement of the top rank of The River Engineering and Beach Coordination Center of Isfahan Regional Water Authority

The Rivers and Beaches Engineering Bureau of Isfahan Regional Water Company succeeded to earn a high rank from Iran Resources Management Company.

According to the Public Relations Department of Isfahan Regional Water Company, the Rivers and Beaches Engineering Bureau of Isfahan Regional Water Company succeeded to win the top rank in the process of evaluating the performance of the river and coastal engineering offices of subsidiary companies in 1395.

Operation of the first modulus of Karaj sewage treatment plant

The supplementary design of the first module of the collection network of Karaj sewage treatment plant was obtained by the presence of the Ministry of Energy's supervisor.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the second phase of the first module of the collection network of the Karaj wastewater treatment plant was launched today this Thursday, with the presence of the head of the Ministry of Energy, Sattar Mahmoudi.

Congratulations to the Director of Iran's Water Resources Management Company on the occasion of the selection of the National Irrigation Committee of Iran as "Best National Committee

Engineer Mohammad Haj Rasooliha, director of the Iranian Water Resources Management Company, congratulated all the experts in the water sector on the success of the Iranian National Irrigation and Drainage Committee (ICID).

Part of the greetings message :

All affairs, financial and administrative affairs of Iran National Irrigation and Drainage Commission have been granted to Iran Power Resources Management Company during the announcement, Minister of Energy of Iran ,since 1394.

Wearable solar thermoelectric generator created

A recent study, led by Professor Kyoung Jin Choi in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNIST has introduced a new advanced energy harvesting system, capable of generating electricity by simply being attached to clothes, windows, and outer walls of a building.

Renewables investor Quercus plans 500 million euro-plus Iran solar project

The planned 600-megawatt (MW) plant, located in central Iran, will be the sixth largest globally, behind projects of up to 1.5 gigawatts (GW) in China and India.

Diego Biasi, chief executive of Quercus, which has a track record of investing in renewable energy in Europe, told Reuters the firm had decided to go for such a big project to get an endorsement from Iran’s ministry of energy.

Norway's Energy Firm Says in Talks to Build Solar Power Plants in Iran

“I wouldn’t like to say by when we (Tehran and Oslo) expect a signed deal but we are actively working on it,” Raymond Carlsen told Reuters on Friday.

He added that the initial project under discussion would cost $120 million per 100 MW installed or roughly $132 million.

Scatec Solar’s Chief Financial Officer Mikkel Toerud said Iranian and Norwegian authorities were trying to help the company secure financing for the project.

“They (Norway) will provide us with guarantees that will enable us to raise international and domestic financing,” Toerud said.

Iran Inaugurates Hydroelectric Power Plant in Western Province

The first unit of the Darian power plant in Kermanshah was recently connected to the national grid, increasing the country’s nominal capacity from 77,038 to 77,108 MW.

The unit, which is the first among three units of the power plant, came into to operation following synchronization with the national grid.

Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Houshang Falahatian said in July that the country’s nominal capacity to produce electricity would increase by 3,000 megawatts (MW) by the next summer.

The implementation of the largest clean development mechanism project in the urban sewage sector by Tehran sewage company is a good model for industry.

Hossein Akbariyan expressed the indices of the low-carbon water and wastewater industry and the potential of the industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after explaining the position of the low-carbon industry in the country's major laws and policies .

Official opening of the 75 MW Shams Sarakhs power plant

The meeting was held with the presence of Deputy Governor of Astan Quds Razavi, Deputy Governor of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone, Deputy Governor of Khorasan Regional Electricity Company, Chairman of Shams Sarakhs Board of Directors,Friday Imam of Sarakhs city and also with the presence of officials of Khorasan Razavi province and Sarakhs city.

Iran to rebuild Syrian power plants

“These contracts are for rebuilding electricity equipment, power plants, and electrical grid of Syria so that better services will be offered to Syrian subscribers,” said Iranian Acting Energy Minister Sattar Mahmoudi on Tuesday.

He made the remarks during the signing ceremony of new agreements between Iran’s Ministry of Energy and the Syrian Ministry of Electricity in Tehran.

Investing more than 7,832 billion riyals of private sector and public participation in implementation of the Water and Wastewater projects

Managing director of Water and Wastewater Company of Isfahan province stated that we have tried to actualize the potential of the private sector in implementing water and wastewater projects in recent years.As long as we use private sector capability, we can expand our services and improve our quality and quality accordingly.

Isfahan province water and sewage company has done during the years 95-92 :

Completion and implementation of sewage facilities in Mobarakeh and Lenjan cities in the form of a mutual investment investment of 1215 billion Rials,

Taking a plan to transfer the waste water from Khine Arab refinery to West of Mashhad

The project is being implemented in order to implement part of the West Azad Agricultural Wastewater Management Plan for supplying drinking water and the possibility of transferring effluent from the station to the places needed by consumers.

The Khine Arab sewage treatment plant has been in operation in the year 95 with a capacity of 83 thousand cubic meters per day.

Turning heat energy into a viable fuel source

A new device being developed by Washington State University physicist Yi Gu could one day turn the heat generated by a wide array of electronics into a usable fuel source.

The device is a multicomponent, multilayered composite material called a van der Waals Schottky diode. It converts heat into electricity up to three times more efficiently than silicon -- a semiconductor material widely used in the electronics industry. While still in an early stage of development, the new diode could eventually provide an extra source of power for everything from smartphones to automobiles.

Modernization and intelligence of the infrastructures of Isfahan electricity distribution industry

474 Small and large electric power projects, lighting the streets and reconstruction of urban and rural electricity networks will be opened with a credit of 538 billion Rials in Isfahan at the same time with Government Week.

Managing Director of Electricity Distribution Company of Isfahan,Hamid Reza  Pirpirn said: Capacity building for new divisions in the cities and villages of the city,converting airsets to ground will be followed by the beauty of urban furniture and the reduction of extinction and the reduction of electricity losses.

Major power distribution projects were commissioned with a credit worth over 16 billion rials in Sanandaj

At the same time with Government's week and with the presence of the Governor of Sanandaj;

For implementation of the 300 kw power supply project of Imam Khamenei Library and 240 Kw of the Vali-Faqih Signposting Office have been constructed 915 meters of medium-high-pressure air and 40 meters of medium-earth pressure,"Mohammad Rasoul Maleki". Also, the ground floor of the Central Islamic Center of the West was equipped;In total, it costs  1,800 million Rials to launch the project from the domestic resource site.

How 139 countries could be powered by 100 percent wind, water, and solar energy by 2050

The latest roadmap to a 100% renewable energy future from Stanford's Mark Z. Jacobson and 26 colleagues is the most specific global vision yet, outlining infrastructure changes that 139 countries can make to be entirely powered by wind, water, and sunlight by 2050 after electrification of all energy sectors.