3,000 megawatts of new power plant, opening up to 40 large water and wastewater projects and increasing 2 times the capacity of renewable energy in the new year

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Thursday, April 5, 2018
Minister of Power:

Reza Ardakaniyan, Minister of Energy, pointing out that the ministry is responsible for water, electricity, collecting and treatment of sewage as well as renewable energy in the country, said: The complex has entered two hundred and 100 megawatts of power plants and new capacity last year. Which was 1,700 megawatts in the second half of last year and was related to the twelfth government.

The capacity of the country's renewable power plants (solar and wind) has reached 527 last year. We are trying to continue this route in the new year, so we are going to reach 97,000 megawatts by the end of the year and up to 4,000 megawatts by the end of the year.

The private and public sector is about 12 trillion tomans in the electricity sector, last year. According to a survey conducted in the year that passed, a million new subscribers have been added to the country's electricity grid, which has grown three percent compared to 1995, and this has caused today's electricity subscribers to reach 35 million.

The country's electricity grid losses dropped by one percent last year.

Electricity losses were about 14 percent to a few years ago.
This figure is now up to 10.7% in accordance with the sixth development plan, using today's world-class technologies and good investments in this sector, and will work in accordance with the government's plan to continue the process of decreasing casualties, with this cost-effective process. Have a good fit in the energy sector.

57 thousand villages in the country enjoy electricity and energy consumption of the country grew by 7.7% last year.

Currently, more than 99.5% of the urban population has access to modern systems of transmission and distribution, and in the countryside, 92% of the subscribers have access to water. In the past year, 1,000 and 540 villages with a population of one million and 100 thousand people benefited from healthy drinking water.

The minister added: "While we will study all the new ways of providing fresh water, we will study the use of deep waters and the pursuit of water transfer between the basins with environmental considerations in the wake of fertilization of the clouds, seawater sweetening, This process should not be at the cost of neglecting us from the bad stuff we are suffering.

Three thousand megawatts of thermal and renewable energy will enter the circuit. In the new year, which will enter 500 million megawatts of these new power plants, before mid-July.

Currently, there are 500 MW of renewable energy in the country, which is scheduled to be made by the end of the year 97 to 1,000 MW and by the end of the year 98, it will be up to 4000 MW.

There will be 40 large water plants in the country, including 26 wastewater treatment plants with a capacity of 483 thousand cubic meters per day and 12 water treatment plants with a capacity of more than one million cubic meters.

The new 13 dams with a capacity of 800 million cubic meters will be operational with two desalination systems with a capacity of 29,500 cubic meters. The smart meters will for intensive development. These meters play an important role in managing consumption.

"We produced 9,300 megawatts of hydroelectric power last year, which we forecast for this year, at best, it will not exceed 6,000 megawatts," the minister said. This decline in production, coupled with the natural growth of consumption, which has grown this year from the previous year, will lead us to a decline in production, even with the entry of new power plants at around 4,000 megawatts for peak consumption in summer of the year. So, with the help of the people, we should reduce this amount in consumption.

In the final section of his speech, he cited the country's rainfall situation and said: "According to forecasts by the Meteorological Organization during the last two months, we hope that by the end of winter of the year 96, when rainfall is reached, rain reduction will reach 20-25% compared to Last year.

Ardakaniyan stressed that many cities will be subjected to water stress this summer, adding that "there has been a thorough and serious plan to rely on our close cooperation with people who are in a position to overcome this difficult year in the drinking water sector."






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