18 water and sewage projecs came into operation in Mashhad

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Thursday, April 12, 2018
In the presence of the Minister of Energy;

During the visit of the Minister of Energy to Khorasan Razavi province, while operating 18 water and wastewater projects in Mashhad, the operation began. Five sewage collection projects started in the city.

Construction of 60,000 cubic meter reservoir,
Implementation of water collection lines for wells in the 'M' and 'EL' zones under the name of the prophet Nabi Akram (PBUH)
Create 14 drinking water wells,
  Implementing 85 km of sewage collection network
And building the relief building and events 10
The plans are part of the plans that were opened at the trip of the Minister of Energy to Mashhad.

A total of 697 billion rials have been spent on implementation of these projects, which have been implemented in different parts of Mashhad.

Increasing water supply in some areas of Mashhad,
  Distribution of water quality uniformity
Reducing network events and collecting and disposing of sewage networks
Part of the goals is to implement these plans.

The sewage collection network is exploited in a total of 86 km of pipelines in the cities of Imam Ali, Shahid Shafei, Keshavarz, Hojjat, Golshahr, Five, Seiyedi, Samen, Saba and Tabarzi Mashhad.

The operation of the sewage collection network begins in the form of five plans in Al-Haya, Amuqar, Ghods and Azadegan townships with a length of 27 km.

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